POPULAR Special Stamina Party

After tough battles of Narrative Dungeons, Stamina is running low...
It is time for recovery!
Login and charge your Stamina!
[Event Detail]
Start Date: After 9/11 Update
End Date: September 18th, 3:59 2019 (UTC+0)
- 100 Stamina every day during the event!
*NOTE: Daily Stamina reward can be received from 4am to 4am UTC+0. (e.g. The last daily Stamina can be received from 9/17 4:00~9/18 3:59 UTC+0)
A total of 700 Stamina is waiting for you!

LV.22 GameManager 4d

POPULAR Raid Ready! Hot time!

Are you ready for the Raid? It's time to train your Child for the Raid battle!
[Event Details]
Get 100% bonus EXP in World Map battle!
Start Date: 9/10, 2019 (UTC+0)
End Date: 9/15, 2019 (UTC+0)
Note: Bonus EXP only applies to Childs, no additional EXP to Candidate level.

LV.22 GameManager 7d


Candidates' dream comes true on channel evil every week, Devil Rumble! To cheer you up, we brought a special event. Rumble Challenge is in progress!
BTW, which of following is not the right name for the league in Devil Rumble?
A) Rookie
B) Silver
C) Diamond
Found out the answer? It is the Promo Code to get a reward!
[How to use Promo Code?]
-Android device: Go to the game > menu on the top right > Support > tap “Enter Promo Code”
-iOS device: Click the link to use your promo code [ ]
*NOTE: Promo code expires on September 15th 2019, 24:00(UTC+0)

LV.22 GameManager 7d

POPULAR Destiny Child YouTube subscribe event
We are planning to upload many features including the Child's hidden story.
Please subscribe our Youtube channel!
[Event Detail]
Start Date: 9/3, 2019 (UTC+0)
End Date: 9/17, 2019 (UTC+0)
Event Result coming on 9/19, 2019 (UTC+0)
[How to participate]
Subscribe Destiny Child YouTube

[Event Goals&Rewards]
9k: 3-5* Soul Carta summon ticket x 10
15k: a 3-5* 10xSummon ticket
20k: a 5* Child summon ticket

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POPULAR Hot Weekends!

Dear all Candidates,
I've brought good news to you that you will have a burning hot time every Saturday and Sunday!
It's time for you to take your Childs to the World!
[Event Details]
Get 100% bonus EXP in World Map battles every Weekend(UTC)!
Start Date: December 8th, 2018 UTC
End Date: Not scheduled! We will let you know when it ends
Note: Bonus EXP applies to the Child EXP from the world map battles, no Candidate EXP
To the WORLD!

LV.22 GameManager 9mo

POPULAR Special Events for New Archfiend Candidates

Attention, candidates!

As the Archfiend Contest begins, we’ll be holding a permanent event
to constantly support new Archfiend candidates.

If you’re new to Destiny Child, we recommend checking out the events we’ve prepared!

[How to participate?]
Just start the Game!

■ Welcome Package
-We’ve sent [Welcome Package] to help your journey. Check your mailbox!

■ Devil Festa
-Tap [Devil Festa] button on the lobby
-Clear event missions and get tons of rewards!
-New event missions will be given each day, complete them all to claim the final reward!

■ 8 days of Promises
-You’ll be receiving gifts simply by logging in every day!
-Gifts will be given for 8 days from your first login.

[Event Details]
Start Date: December 6th, 2018 UTC
End Date: None! We will constantly support every new Archfiend candidates!

Don't miss out tons of rewards and gifts we’ve prepared to support you!

LV.22 GameManager 9mo