As a request from the Night World, Master disguises as a school girl and attends to an all girls' school. What is the name of the school? (Saint—)
(👉Hint: You can find the name from Chapter 2 of the Story Dungeon)
A) Jose
B) Francis
C) Michael
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POPULAR 🔥Hot Time Weekend: Story Dungeon 100% EXP Bonus

Hello, dear Candidates.
This is DC DEVs.
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We're bringing back the EXP🔥🕒 Hot Time this weekend.
Like before, the Hot Time effect will last the whole weekend,
▶Event Period◀
Nov.23rd 00:00 (UTC+0) - Nov. 24th 23:59 (UTC+0)
▶Event Details◀
Your Childs gain 100% increased EXP in the Story Dungeon.
From now on, unlike the old notice that stated an indefinite period of the event,
Hot Time weekend notices will be posted every week to remind you and get you ready for the weekend.
In addition to the Hot Time events, all other events will
always be announced in a notice with a clear event period.
Hope you enjoy, and we thank you for your opinion!
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POPULAR Special Events for New Archfiend Candidates

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As the Archfiend Contest begins, we’ll be holding a permanent event
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If you’re new to Destiny Child, we recommend checking out the events we’ve prepared!

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■ Devil Festa
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■ 8 days of Promises
-You’ll be receiving gifts simply by logging in every day!
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Start Date: December 6th, 2018 UTC
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■ Welcome Package (ended)
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