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[Child] ■ New Childs are coming with Café de Petit: Morgan, Verdelet, Myrina, and Pietas

  [Costume] ■ NEW Costume! Loyal Keeper Morgan, and Classic Servant Morgan -Loyal Keeper Morgan can be obtained through Ragna:Break Season 1, Café de Petit

  -Classic Servant Morgan can be obtained through Devil Pass season 3

  [Ragna:Break] ■ Ragna:Break Season 1, Café de Petit starts (~Mar 7th 4:00 UTC+0)

-As you know, remaining Ragna coin will be converted into gold after the Ragna:Break ends. Be sure to use your Ragna Coins before the Ragna:Break event ends. Converted coins can be claimed from March 7th 4 am to March 14th 4 am. -Few changes will be applied to Ragna:Break Season 1. Please check below. * Special Bosses appear! Chance to gather golds from bosses. Meet Charinn and Aurora King! * Attention Slayers, in this season, Slayer raid starts on Feb 16th 4 am (UTC+0). Within 48 hours after the break season 1, so get ready!   [Event] ■ Ragna:Events! - Ragna:NEXT Break, Clear The Last Chapter (Feb 14th 4:00 UTC+0 - Mar 7th 4:00 UTC+0) ■ Moa Moa Para-Dice - on lap 10, get 5* Water Summon Ticket!

-5* Water Summon Ticket contains Mars, Thanatos, Eve Rusalka, Naias, Chang’e or Olga -Few changes will be applied to Moa Moa Para-Dice Dice roll daily quest

*Lap rewards

  ■ Mona's Emergency Support (Feb 21st ~ Mar 7th) - Mona's help! The chance to get various evolution materials and 5*Equipment summon ticket!   [Summon] ■ Premium Pickup Summon - Myrina, Maat, Dana, and Pantheon (~Feb 28th 4:00 UTC+0)   [Other] ■ Devil Pass Season 3 starts! (~Feb 28th 4:00 UTC+0) - Classic Servant Morgan is waiting for you!

■ New Items: Cute Broom, Tailored Outfit, Maid Collar - raid reward box contains these new items, or check Lan Fei's Shop  

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