DestinyChild DestinyChild LV.22 GameManager
Jan 21, 2019, 08:46 PM 17,427 read

Special Reward List information Adjustment

Candidates,   We are sorry to inform you that there was incorrect information on narrative dungeon special reward. Incorrect rewards were included in the special reward list for the narrative dungeon, "A Promise Between Two". Those were Water Diamond, Blood Gem, 3-star Child, 4-star Child, 5-star Child, 5-star Narrative Dungeon Child. We sincerely apologize for the confusion.   As a result, all Crystals used to draw extra cards and to reset the dungeon will be compensated. And to all the players, we will send 5 3-5* Child summon ticket as our apology for the inconvenience.   [Compensation Detatils] To whom: Player who had used Crystals to draw extra cards and to reset the dungeon until this notice is posted. Compensation date: Jan 22nd (UTC+0)   The list is fixed now. To find the list, tap (?) mark on the top right of MIKU's face when you draw cards at the battle result.   Regards, LINE GAMES

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