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[Child] ■ New Childs are coming to Destiny Child - HATSUNE MIKU, SNOW MIKU (*Limited period!)


  [Event] ■ Story Dungeon: Advent of a Diva! (~1/31 04:00 UTC+0) Special event dungeon opens! Follow HATSUNE MIKU to find out what is happening to her!   [How to play] -Tap "Advent of a Diva!" on the top left of your home   [A reward you don't want to miss] Special background, Diva Live Stage! (Limited Time Only!) It will be unlocked as a very first clear reward of stage 3, "Always Singing".(10,000 gold)   NOTE: This special "Advent of a Diva!" can be played only for a limited period of time. The background "Diva Live Stage" can only be available from clear of "Advent of a Diva!" dungeon. You cannot unlock “Diva Live Stage” once the event has ended.   ■ Narrative Dungeon: A Promise Between Two (~1/31 04:00 UTC+0) MIKU will come to you with SNOW! She is waiting for you, gather Snowflakes to meet her! *Narrative Dungeon: A Promise Between Two can be played only for a limited period of time.   [How to play] -Tap "Crossover SNOW MIKU" on the top left of your home -Or go to Event Dungeon in Night World, Tap "A Promise Between Two" -Clear the stages -Gather Snowflakes -Get rewards!   [Rewards you don't want to miss] 5* Child Summon Ticket, Crystals, Onyx, event Blood Gems, and SNOW MIKU! Check the event mission!   [Tips] -Hard mode will be unlocked after clearing Normal mode. -Cleared normal stage cannot be played in hard mode. -Narrative Dungeon needs to reset to play again. You have a chance to reset free of charge twice a day. -When resetting the dungeon, it can be played from the stage 1. -Auto fever will be available once you clear the last stage. Stage 8, A Promise Between Two II   [Partner Child] Sometimes you will get a chance to meet a special Child as a Partner. In A Promise Between Two, you will meet SNOW MIKU in your team! Enjoy the battles alongside your new partner MIKU!   [Boost Child] Have a boost Child in your team, and get additional event items! If you have a boost child more than one, the boost will be even more effective! A Promise Between Two’s Boost Childs are HATSUNE MIKU, and SNOW MIKU. *NOTE: Remember, partner Child does not count as a Boost Child.   ■ MikuMiku PARAdicE (~1/31 04:00 UTC+0) More chance to roll the dice! Moa Moa Para-dice event will end soon, but MikuMiku PARAdicE will be here! Tap "MikuMiku PARAdicE" button to participate in the event. Check out on Event board to get more information about the event!   <MikuMiku PARAdicE Lap Reward>


  [Summon] ■ Premium Pickup Summon - HATSUNE MIKU, SNOW MIKU (~1/31 04:00 UTC+0) ■ Childs added to Blood Gem Summon - Now you have a chance to get Guardian Chang'e, Moa, Charlotte with Blood Gem Summon! ■ Childs added to Premium Summon Child - Now you have a chance to get Rudolph, Fairy, Red Nose, and Gift Bag with Crystal Summon and Daily Gold Summon *Tap “?Rate” button on (top of right corner)each summon banner to check the summon rate and summon pool of Childs   [Others] ■ New Story stages, all have been waiting for! Hard 1-3 added ■ Mona's Dungeon Missions - New stage mission, Hard 1-3 ■ Background - Clear "Advent of a Diva!" to get a new & special background, Diva Live Stage! It can be purchased with 10,000 gold after clearing the last stage of "Advent of a Diva!". ■ Clarify some summon tickets descriptions  

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