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[Child] ■ New Childs are coming: Charlotte, Moa

  [Costume] ■ New Costume! Moa is a cubix, but when it(?) wears a costume, it turns into a girl! Get its outfit from the Moa Moa Para-dice Event! Check out Gloomy Moa!

  [Event] ■ Moa Moa Para-dice As we mentioned above, Moa Moa Para-dice event will start. Tap "Moa Moa Para-dice" button to participate in the event. Check out on Event board to get more information about the event!   ■ Devil Pass Get to the last tier! Devil Pass Season 1 is about to begin. Collect Pass Point, reach higher tiers, and get various rewards! Check out "Devil Pass" button on the top right of your home.

◇ How to participate: -Tap Devil Pass button on the top right of your home -Collect Pass Point to reach higher tiers(Or you can use 3 blood gem to advance to the next tier)   ◇ Pass Point: Pass point can be earned in various ways. In this season, it can be earned by “Devil Pass Missions”(It may remind you of Lisa's Daily Tasks…)   ◇ Devil Pass Treasure Box: Once you’ve reached the final tier, you can open Devil Pass Treasure Box! Devil Pass Treasure Box contains Equipment, Child, Gold, Onyx, and Crystals! You can open Devil Pass Treasure Box with 100 Pass Points. If you have enough points, you can open as many as you want!   ◇ Devil Pass Mission: Pass points can be earned by Devil Pass Missions! Earn pass points to reach the last tier and get the final reward, 5* Child Summon Ticket!   ◇ What is an Arch Devil?: You can be an "Arch Devil" by the purchasing Arch Devil pass. Arch Devil Advantages: -Arch Devil can receive additional and exclusive Arch Devil rewards -Arch Devil will receive an additional Pass Points(50% more!) -Arch Devil Pass only applies to the current season   *Note: Once the season ends, you will not be able to claim rewards, so please pay attention to the Devil Pass season schedule to claim your rewards. Past season's rewards you didn't claim cannot be recovered once the Devil Pass Season ends.   Devil Pass Season 1 Starts: January 10th, 2019 04:00 (UTC+0) Devil Pass Season 1 Ends: January 31st, 2019 04:00 (UTC+0)   *Another note: Some of the Devil Pass rewards will be sent to your mailbox. Every mail you’ve received has an expiry date. Expired mail cannot be recovered once it is disappeared.   [Other] ■ Pickup Summon: Charlotte, Moa, Aria, Mammon  

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