DestinyChild DestinyChild LV.22 GameManager
Nov 22, 2018, 03:52 PM 2,405 read

The very first announcement: Are you ready for the battle?

  Truth or dare? Truth, Looks like it's time for you to ready for the battle of Archfiend Contest! Dare, Are you surely ready to be part of? It will not be easy as you think. But no worries, lovely supporters are waiting to guide you.♥ Pre-Register now and be a true Archfiend! ​ [How to pre-register?] 1. Visit our website now! Website 2. Add Destiny Child LINE official account as your friend! (You only need a few clicks)   Check on out our website for you to load and fire! One more truth, you are already in the battle if you are reading my message. ​

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