DestinyChild LV.22 GameManager
Oct 7, 2019, 08:42 PM 4,336 read

[Done] Important Notice: issue Regarding summon rate of Event Summoning / Maintenance Break


We found the issue that the 10x Summon of the "Double 5★ Summon Rate Event" does not guarantee a 4★ Child. As written on the banner, for 6% Event Gacha 10x Summon, at least one 4★ Child should be guaranteed.   Also, the 3★ matching bonus has not been working properly due to the above issue. This happens because when only 3★ Childs are summoned in a 10x Summon, one of the 3★ Childs is actually summoned as 4★ Child but shown as 3★Child on the summon screen.   We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the issue. Our team owes you an apology. We'd like to send the compensation of 2,000 crystals and 6x4-5★ Child Summon tickets tomorrow after the maintenance to all the Candidates.   The maintenance break will take place to fix the issue at 10/8 4:00 UTC+0.   [Maintenance Period] Start Date: October 8th 4:00 UTC+0 The maintenance will take approximately [1 hour] *The duration may change due to circumstances   [Maintenance Details] Fixing malfunctioning of natural 4★ Child guarantee in 10xSummon of the "Double 5★ Summon Rate Event"   Once again, we apologize for the inconvenience caused by the issue.   Thank you for your understanding.   LINE GAMES

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