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New Event, Summon & Packages: OCTOBER 7, 2019

DESTINY CHILD: PAST NEWS - New Event, Summon & Packages: OCTOBER 7, 2019  image 1

[Event] ■ Double 5★ Summon Rate Event!! (10/7 4:00 2019~10/13 4:00 2019 UTC+0) ■ Mona's Emergency Support (10/7 4:00 2019~10/21 4:00 2019 UTC+0)   [Summon] ■ Double 5★ Summon Rate Event!! (10/7 4:00 2019~10/13 4:00 2019 UTC+0) - Chance to get 5* Child from all the 5* Child pool?! Check out the Event board for more details! *NOTE: This Event banner does not contain limited-collaboration Childs *Some Pickup Summons do not guarantee the 5* Childs on the banner. Please tap "?Rate" button before summoning. *Tap “?Rate” button on (top right corner) each summon banner to check the summon rate and summon pool of Childs.     [Packages] ■ Onyx Package, Fire Type Child Package, Blood Gem Bonus Package (10/7 4:00 2019~10/17 3:00 2019 UTC+0) *NOTE: Fire Type Child Package contains a 5* Fire type Child Summon Ticket with the summon pool of all existing 5* Fire type Childs except for the limited collaboration Childs. The summon pool may change after the update. *NOTE: Onyx Package and Fire Type Child Package contain Lucky Box. Please tap "more" to see its components. Purchased Lucky Box will be sent to your mailbox. Once you open the lucky box in your mailbox, the products will remain for 7 days in your mailbox. Please claim them before the expiry date. Expired mail cannot be recovered. ◇ What is Lucky Box? - Lucky Box contains a random combination of products from set 1 to set 4. Go to the shop, tap “More” and "?Rate" button to check the containing and rate of the package.   [Others] ■ New Mission Pass Mission added - Child's Limited-Time Missions! Chance to get 5x 5* Prism S.C Summon Tickets! (After 10/7 4:00 ~ Until 10/13 4:00 UTC+0) *NOTE: Some of the missions can be unlocked through in-app purchases.  

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