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New Child, Costume and Packages: AUGUST 22, 2019

  [Child] New 5* Child - Anemone Anemone:

  Power 2186 HP 2235 ATK 1017 DEF 806 AGL 745 CRT 864   [Auto Attack] Water Attack - Deal 100 Auto Attack damage [Tap Skill] Service Time - Deal 380 Damage, heal 330 HP for 2 Allies (Priority: Least HP), 60% chance to Purify (convert Bleed to Regen) 2 Allies if bleeding [Slide Skill] Judgment! -Deal 660 Damage, Skill Gauge Charge Amount +35% for 2 Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) for 14 seconds, ATK +1600, and Patience (Grant Fortitude (Max 3) equal to target's debuffs +1 for 10 seconds) [Drive Skill] Quick Trinity - Deal 1733 Damage to 3 random Enemies, heal 1230 HP for 2 Allies (Priority: Lowest HP), Skill Gauge Charge Speed +30% for 2 Allies (Priority: Highest ATK) for 16 seconds [Leader Buff] Skill Gauge Charge Amount +10% for Water Type Allies *Based on Skill Rank1 Level 1   Skill Tips from Destiny Child - Midsummer Anemone

    [Costume] ■ New Costume - Sunrise Anemone A brand new costume is waiting for you!

  [Summon] ■ Crystal Pickup Summon - Anemone, and more (From 8/22 4:00 ~ Until the 8/29 3:00 UTC+0) ■ Crystal Pickup Summon - Dark Buster Lisa, Eve, Naias, and Sytry (From 8/22 4:00 ~ Until the 9/9 4:00 UTC+0) ■ New Child added to Bloodgem summon pool - Anemone *Pickup Summon may contain 5* Childs in Premium Summon pool. Some Pickup Summon does not guarantee the 5* Childs on the banner. Please tap "?Rate" button before summoning. *Tap “?Rate” button on (top right corner)each summon banner to check the summon rate and summon pool of Childs.   [Package] ■ Guaranteed Anemone Package (From 8/22 4:00 ~ Until the 8/29 3:00 UTC+0) *Guaranteed package guarantees the Child. ■ Anemone Package, Pick Up Summon Ticket Package (From 8/22 4:00 ~ Until the 8/29 3:00 UTC+0) *NOTE: These packages contain Lucky Box. Please tap "more" to see its components. *NOTE: Purchased Lucky Box will be sent to your mailbox. Once you open the Lucky Box in your mailbox, the products will remain for 7 days in your mailbox. Please claim them before the expiry date. Expired mail cannot be recovered. *What is Lucky Box? Lucky Box contains a random combination of products from set 1 to set 4. Go to the shop, tap “More” and "?Rate" button to check the containing and rate of the package. *Guaranteed package guarantees the Child.

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