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How to participate Destiny Child x Brown Dust Event

Welcome all, Masters from BROWN DUST! Are you little confused how to proceed your Destiny Child Play Event? Your loyal supporter Mona is here to help you!   Let’s find out how to proceed with the event!   Mission 1 and 5. Let's clear story 1-1 Stage 4 《Tutorial 4》 & 1-6 Stage 4 《True Wish》

[Home > Story > Tap 1-1 Tutorial & 1-6 Delicious Food] Got Stars on Stages, your Story mode quests are done!   2. Win Devil Rumble 3 times

[Home > NIGHT WORLD > Tap Devil Rumble] Select the opponent you want to fight against, and tap Fight! Three battles, then you are done with this Devil Rumble quest! You can see how many times you have played in the yellow box.   Mission 3 and 4. Let's reach candidate level 7 & 12 [Go to Home > Tap “News” on top Left Corner] You could find out your account level on the top left corner. Play Story Mode to level up your candidate level.   Now it is time to collect the rewards! Let’s find out how to submit your BROWN DUST Game member Number!

[Home > News > Cross Collabo Event banner > Tap More Info] Please insert your BROWN DUST game member number(9 digit number), the rewards will be sent! (on 8/23, 2019 (UTC+0))   If you wanna know more about Destiny Child, please go to for more info.

Now then, have a great time with Destiny Child!    

Masters! Have you played BROWN DUST before? Mona is here to help those of you who haven’t played it!  

Firstly, login to BROWN DUST. Tap Event to check the Collaboration EVENT!  

You can check the status of Event on Collaboration EVENT section. Make sure to complete all the quests and apply for the rewards! (Game ID: Home > Menu > Support > Account Info > Account ID)   Hope you enjoy our Cross Collaboration Event!  

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