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May 30, 2019, 03:32 PM 9,077 read

[Added] Destiny Child in Line Sticker! (+Indonesia)

Meet your 'Destiny Child' as LINE sticker! Express your emotions with Childs. From Doki-Doki Davi, Mona and Lisa to Chang'e and more Childs!   Login to the game to get our celebration gift, 6,000 Rebirth Coin! (The celebration gift can be received when you login to the game until June 6th UTC+0)   Click to find out more about the LINE sticker: Destiny Child Sticker (Thai only)

  Destiny Child Sticker (zh-Hant, Taiwan only)

  Destiny Child Sticker (English)

  Destiny Child Sticker (Indonesia)

  *Destiny Child Sticker is not available in Japan, Korea and Indonesia

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