[NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE: Oct. 20, 2020

We are informing you about the Oct. 20 update.
Please read below for details.
1. World Boss Trial
2. ND “Fantasy Island”
3. Hecate’s Library Open
4. New Area Ch.2-6 Added
5. New Childs
6. New Costumes
7. New Soul Carta
8. New Items
9. Mission Pass
10. Devil Pass
11. Summons
12. Shop
13. Events
14. Others
■ World Boss Trial ■
1) World Boss Trial Season 13 [Kasumi]
- World Boss Battle Period: Oct. 20, after maint. ~ Nov. 2, 04:00 (UTC+0)
- Magic Mirror Store Open Period: Oct. 20, after maint. ~ Nov. 5, until maint.
- This season's World Boss is Water Type [Kasumi]. The Boost Childs are 5★ Wood Type [Ayane] and 5★ Fire Type [Leifang].
- If the boost child belongs to your party during the World Boss battle, the bonus percentage for obtaining magic mirror fragments is applied.
2) Rewards
Daily Rank Reward Calculation Period: 04:00 (UTC+0) ~ 05:00 (UTC+0) every day during the World Boss period
- After the calculation is complete, the rewards can be obtained in the [Previously Daily Rank] menu and are paid to the inventory.
- You can receive rewards from the end of the calculation until the next calculation begins.
(When the next calculation begins, the previous rewards will disappear. Please be sure to collect them before the next calculation.)
Season Ranking Reward Calculation Period: Nov. 2, 04:00 (UTC+0) ~ Nov. 3 04:00 (UTC+0)
- When the calculation is complete, you can obtain the rewards in the [Season Rank] menu for them to be sent to the mailbox.
- You can receive the rewards until the end of the World Boss Trial Season.
(When the season ends, the rewards disappear. Please be sure to collect them beforehand.)
We also provide fixed rewards for every number of World Boss kills.
You can get a special reward box by completing the number of World Boss kills as shown below.
* In the special reward box, you can get one of [Crystals / 5★ Child / 5★ Soul Carta] .
* The special reward box can be obtained only for the number of World Boss appearances outlined above. Other than these cases, the default reward for defeating the World Boss will be provided.
3) Magic Mirror Store
You can purchase items/Childs using the magic mirror fragments that can be obtained through World Boss trial battles.
Magic Mirror Store Open Period: Oct. 20, after maint. ~ Nov. 5, until maint.
(After Magic Mirror Store closes, the number of possessed 'Magic Mirror Fragments' will be reset. Please use them all before the store closes.)
* Items/Childs sold at Magic Mirror Store are as follows.
※ You can check detailed information about the product by touching its icon in Magic Mirror Store.
4) For more information on the World Boss Trial, please check the link below.
■ Narrative Dungeon ■
1. Period: Oct. 20, after maint. ~ Nov. 5, until maint.
2. Partner Childs
In the areas shown below, the partner Childs 5★ Leifang / 5★ Ayane joins slot 1 of the party.
* When the Partner Child joins, the party member in the slot 1 gets automatically replaced.
The partner child is automatically assigned as the party leader.
3. Boost Child
When fighting with a party to including the Boost Child, you can obtain additional event items that appear as special rewards.
* The boost effect does not apply to event items obtained as the first clear rewards.
* The boost effect is not provided for the provided partner Childs.
4. First Clear Reward
Event items are obtained as the first clear rewards only provided once for the initial clear.
* Event items (Girl's Memories) paid as the first clear rewards are provided only once for the initial time.
* The number of available event items (Girl's Memories) can be checked and used in [Narrative Dungeon> Narrative Collection].
5. Special Reward
You can select as many special rewards as the number of stars earned according to the clear result.
6. Narrative Collection
By consuming event items (Girl's Memories) acquired through clearing dungeons
various rewards can be obtained from the Narrative Collection.
Collection rewards can be obtained by summoning all items that appear in the Narrative Collection.
Collection rewards based on the number of collection completions are as follows.
* If you acquire the MAIN reward, you don’t have to summon all the items on the random reward list to
earn the collection reward for each collection.
* By updating the random reward list, you can move to the next collection.
* You can continue to obtain prizes from random reward list even when the list can be updated after acquiring the MAIN reward.
7. Narrative Mission
Daily narrative missions can be accomplished according to the progress of the Narrative Dungeon play,
event items (Girl's Memories) can be obtained upon completion of the missions.
* For narrative missions, the number of possible accomplishments will be reset as of 04:00 AM (UTC+0).
Basic information about the narrative dungeon can be found in the link below.
■ Hecate's Library Opened ■
What is Hecate's Library? https://bit.ly/2IKufer
Bar Replay will be remodeled as “Hecate's Library”.
You can check out the various stories of Destiny Child in Hecate's Library.
- Night World> Touch the “Hecate's Library” icon to enter.
■New Area Ch.2-6 Added■
After the Oct. 20 update, Ch.2-6 Areas will be added.
You can get rewards when you clear the newly added world map areas for the first time.
■New Childs■
5★ Ayane (Wood Type, Attacker)
[Before Awakening]
[After Awakening]
5★ Leifang (Fire Type, Debuffer)
[Before Awakening]
[After Awakening]
■ New Costumes ■
We also inform you about new costumes that will be added on the Oct. 20 update.
1) New Child Costumes
- Fylgja Ayane
- Five-Colored Brilliance Leifang
2) New Child Hot Spring Costume
- Hot Spring Ayane
- Hot Spring Leifang
We further inform you about Child costumes that can be reacquired on the Oct. 20 update.
- Kasumi Costumes
- Honoka Costumes
- Marie Rose Costumes
■ New Soul Carta ■
We inform you about new Soul Carta that will be added on the Oct. 20 update.
5★ Relaxing Beach
5★ Excuse me...?
■ New Items ■
We also inform you about new items that will be added on the Oct. 20 update.
※ The above new items cannot be obtained through summoning tickets or summons.
Yet, they can be acquired from 'Bittersweet Vacation' and 'Narrative Collection Completion Reward'.
■ Mission Pass ■
We now inform you about the new Mission Pass that will be added on the Oct. 20 update.
* Can be performed during the period indicated in the mission pass, you cannot receive rewards after the period ends.
■ Devil Pass ■
Devil Pass Season 49 begins!
Collect Devil Pass Points during the season to increase your tier!
You can get various rewards depending on the tier you have achieved!
※ For Devil Pass Season 49, its period and the points required for raising tiers have been adjusted.
Please check the details below
1. Devil Pass Season 49 Period: Oct. 20, until maint. ~ Oct. 27, 03:00 (UTC+0)
2. Devil Pass missions reset every day at 04:00 AM (UTC+0).
3. Devil Pass Main Reward: 5★ Child Summon Ticket
4. If you purchase Arch Devil Pass, you can obtain additional Arch Devil exclusive rewards.
※ Arch Devil Pass Main Rewards: 5★ Leifang, Hot Spring Leifang Costume, Geranium Kasumi Costume .
※ Details can be found in-game.
- Among Devil Pass missions, there are missions dedicated for Arch Devil Pass.
Even if you purchase Arch Devil Pass after reaching the final tier, you can still receive all exclusive additional rewards.
- You can increase the tier within Devil Pass by consuming a certain amount of Blood Gems,
Devil Pass Points will not be deducted if you manually raise the tier.
- You can purchase Devil Pass Treasure Chest with the points collected after completing the last tier.
- You cannot receive rewards after the season ends, so please claim them before the season ends.
■ Summons ■
We inform you about the new summons that will be added on the Oct. 20 update.
※ Only Child and Soul Cartas related to the collaboration specified in each boosted summon and pickup summon can be obtained.
Other collaboration-related Childs and Soul Cartas cannot be acquired.
Collaboration-related Childs will not be summoned from previous summon tickets.
※ Details can be found in-game.
■ Shop ■
1) After the Oct. 20 maintenance, 'Monthly Onyx Package' and ‘Monthly Gold Package'
will be newly sold newly in in the Lanfei's shop> Special tab.
※ More details about the monthly packages in-game
2) We also inform you about newly store packages that will be added on the Oct. 20 update.
※ Only Child and Soul Cartas related to the collaboration specified in each boosted summon and pickup summon can be obtained.
Other collaboration-related Childs and Soul Cartas cannot be acquired.
Collaboration-related Childs will not be summoned from previous summon tickets.
※ Details can be found in-game.
■ Events ■
1) Beach Volley Fiesta
Period: Oct. 20, after maint. ~ Nov. 5, until maint.
Detail: Go through the daily quests given during the event and get rewards!
Quest rewards for each day
Reward for completing all daily quests
※ 5★ Kasumi, 5★ Leifang, 5★ Honoka, 5★ Ayane, 5★ Marie Rose can be obtained randomly
through ‘5★ DOAXVV Child Summon Ticket'
2) Bittersweet Vacation
Collect 'Venus Memories' to get event rewards!
Period: Oct. 20, after maint. ~ Nov. 5, until maint.
※ 'Venus Memories' are dropped randomly in dungeons that consume stamina
‘Venus Memories' should be displayed in the reward list on the battle start screen (except for tutorial areas).
- Rewards:
■ Others ■
- Deleted the summon scene so that users can immediately check the rewards list when receiving all of the World Boss defeat rewards

[NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE: Oct. 20, 2020 +41
[NOTICE] UPDATE NOTE: Oct. 20, 2020
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LV.21 GameManager 2d

Destiny Child Launches on Tap Tap!

Dear Candidates, this is DC Devs.
We are informing you about Destiny's Child’s Tap Tap version opening schedule.
■ Tap Tap version open date: October 21, 2:00 am (UTC+0)
■ Tap Tap version supported login methods: FB, Google, and Apple ID registration methods (You can login in with your Apple ID through Android device)
※ The Tap Tap version does not support LINE login. If you are using only LINE login, please proceed with additional account linking (Google or Facebook). (Additional account linking method: Facebook or Google linking from Menu -> Support)
The reward for the pre-registration event to commemorate the opening of the Tap Tap version will be paid to the participants according to the schedules below.
■ Payment schedule: Payment during the afternoon of October 21, 2020 ※ You can receive the reward once by mail when you log in until November 30, 2020 (UTC+0).
For more information on using the Tap Tap version, please visit the site below.
Thank you.

Destiny Child Launches on Tap Tap!
Destiny Child Launches on Tap Tap!
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Destiny Child Info Broadcasting 『NEWS666』

Dear Candidates! Hello~
This A.I., your late-night partner~☆
This is provided by Channel EVIL, the live fighting channel by your side!
To deliver the news of the World Boss and the Narrative Dungeon~☆ taking place on Oct. 20 Collaboration Event with DOAXVV,
Live Fighting Channel EVIL’s Mascot A.I. has investigated
the dear characters appearing in “DEAD OR ALIVE Xtreme Venus Vacation (DOAXVV)".
We will EXCLUSIVELY disclose hidden information on Ayane and Leifang.
From the rough sketch to the drive skills of “Ayane" and "Leifang", we plan to disclose all the comments of the designers who participated in the production. Don't forget to~☆ Stay Tuned!!
Then firstly! Let me introduce you to Ayane!
[Royal Butterfly Ayane]
[Peach Blossom Ayane]
[Fylgja Ayane]
In addition, we will reveal some of the rough sketches of 《Ayane》 obtained by A.I.
[Rough Sketch] Ayane
A feast of information that can only be obtained from Channel Evil!!
This time, we introduce the footage of Ayane’s Drive Skill.
Aren't you curious about the rough sketch of her drive skill as well?
So, A.I. prepared it quickly.
The Rough Sketch of her Drive Skill! Tada~☆
The final highlight of the introduction of Ayane!!!
It is time for an interview with the designer in charge~☆
Q. When creating 《Ayane》’s image, which part of her did you focus on?
■ Illustrator:
I tried to depict Ayane's original outfit and personality in a 2D illustration.
■ Live2D creator:
Since we pursue the most suitable movement for the character's posture,
the motions were expressed in an exaggerated way to emphasize her hips.
■ Costume Live2D creator:
Focusing on the hips and the ball, I tried to express her calm feelings.
■ Drive Skill designer:
I thought that reflecting Ayane's images in the original work would bring a sense of respect.
So, I paid attention to how to reflect and reproduce the original work.
For the shape of the hand that connects the seal, we referred to the videos from the original work.
■ Spa Skin designer:
I thought about whether to make her wear a bandana while bathing.
And finally, we decided not to put it on.
The second character to be introduced is 《 Leifang 》!
[Flying Phoenix Leifang]
[Vermilion Bird Mirage Leifang]
[Five-Colored Brilliance Leifang]
We now reveal some of Leifang's rough sketches.
[Rough Sketch] Leifang
《 Leifang 》's movement that feels tremendously dynamic!!
What about her drive skills??
A.I., who is known for fast and clear delivery of information,
will now deliver the rough sketches of her drive skill with immediate effect -☆
Next~☆ the rough sketches of her drive skill!! Tada~☆
Finally, we interviewed the designers in charge!
Q. Which part of her did you pay extra attention to while creating the image of 《 Leifang 》?
■ Illustrator:
I was happy to take charge of my favorite character in the DOA XVV series.
I focused on expressing the strong thighs.
Also, I wanted to express the phoenix on her clothes more beautifully.
■ Live2D creator:
The outer appearance of the character was already pretty, and I liked her personality as well, so I was able to create it with pleasure.
I tried to cutely express Leifang's motivated figure.
■ Drive Skill designer:
To express the oriental image of Leifang's Tai Chi and elegant martial arts,
I designed it with black and white lines.
■ Spa Skin designer:
I tried to depict Leifang's vibrant impressions.
I feel good as it now seems she was expressed cutely enough.
Yes, that’s it~ It was an interview with the designers!
Thank you for all responding to the interview~☆
As I now look at Ayane and Leifang,
A.I. also wants to go to Venus Island very much.
If I have a chance someday... I will definitely visit!
Mistakes on Amors Island will not be repeated, so please watch them at that time~
This has been your late-night partner! Channel Evil's A.I.!
Thank you~☆

Destiny Child Info Broadcasting 『NEWS666』  +12
Destiny Child Info Broadcasting 『NEWS666』
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[UPDATED] Lisa's Upcoming Schedule Calendar

* The Raid Contents for Nov. 5 have been changed. Please read the calendar for more details.

[UPDATED] Lisa's Upcoming Schedule Calendar +1
[UPDATED] Lisa's Upcoming Schedule Calendar
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LV.21 GameManager 1mo

[NOTICE] TapTap Version Pre-Registration Notice

Today, we’ve prepared surprise news for our Candidates
Though we were planning to release the news after all the preparations were completed, since you sent us a lot of interest, we are delivering the news now!!
♥ Destiny Child's Global TapTap Launch ♥
Destiny Child is already loved all over the world.
To provide better service for more countries and Candidates in China,
please look forward to meeting on TapTap as well.
In the TapTap version, “Simplified Chinese” is additionally supported.
Also, you can see the uncensored illustrations of explicit Live 2D characters.
Furthermore, please note that Pre-Registration Events are in progress!
【Global TapTap Pre-Registration Event】
■ Pre-Registration Period
Sep. 4 ~ until separate notice
■ Join Pre-Registration Now
- https://www.tap.io/app/196147
※ Pre-Registration is not available in Korea and Japan.
■ Basic Reward for Pre-Registration
-1,000 Crystals
■ Pre-Registration Step-by-Step Rewards
When each number of pre-registered people is reached, we will provide you with additional step-by-step rewards.
-Stage 1 (10,000 pre-registrations): 3-5★ 10 x Child Summon Ticket each for Water/Fire/Wood/Light/Dark Type
-Stage 2 (30,000 pre-registrations): 100 Crafting Stones each for Weapon & Armor & Accessory Equipment
-Stage 3 (50,000 pre-registrations): 5★Child Summon Ticket & 5★ Soul Carta Summon Ticket
※ Notes on pre-registration
-Existing global users can also participate in TapTap pre-registration.
-Pre-registration rewards are paid after the official launch of TapTap and will be announced separately.
-Existing global users can use TapTap as they are with existing game data without changing their account.
When the official opening schedule is confirmed, we will provide additional information.
We ask for your active participation and interest in pre-registration.
Thank you.

[NOTICE] TapTap Version Pre-Registration Notice +1
[NOTICE] TapTap Version Pre-Registration Notice
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CM Alt CM Alt
LV.21 GameManager 1mo