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[Added Rewards] 🎶 Cover Song Challenge 🎶

DESTINY CHILD: DC EVENTS - [Added Rewards] 🎶 Cover Song Challenge 🎶 image 11

As soon as the new song "Nostalgia" of the demonic idol group "Planet Party" was released, the reaction was so great that it is attracting worldwide attention. To celebrate the success, we prepared the Cover Song Challenge event.   Take a look at the guide below to join in this exciting event!   ======================================== Period: Jan. 14 ~ Jan. 27, 23:59 (UTC+0)   How-To: Create and Upload various Cover Song contents based on “Nostalgia”!   Rewards:   Participation Reward - 600,000 Gold   [Added!!] Excellence Award - Below Goods for 10 Excellent Pieces (1 each) Premium Idol Desk Pad (to total 5 people) Destiny Child Limited Edition Artbook (to total 5 people) ========================================   Step 1// Use the provided sound source and select one of the following options to create content.   Option 1 - Cover Song Video for the new idol song “Nostalgia” (at least 30 seconds) * You may change/ translate the lyrics   Option 2 - Lip Sync Video for the new idol song “Nostalgia” (at least 30 seconds)   Option 3 - Instrumental Video for the new idol song “Nostalgia” (at least 30 seconds)   * Please download “Nostalgia” MR and lyrics from the attached link.   MR Download>>>   Original Song>>>  

DESTINY CHILD: DC EVENTS - [Added Rewards] 🎶 Cover Song Challenge 🎶 image 3

  Step 2// Upload the cover video to one or more of the platforms below.   * Uploaded content must be kept as 'open to all' for event participation.   Youtube Instagram Twitter Facebook   Step 3// When uploading the cover song, you must include the required hashtag.   #NostalgiaCoverChallenge #DestinyChild #Nostalgia #PlanetParty   Step 4// On the Moot Post (either in English/Chinese), leave a link to the video in the comments section with your game account ID information.   Results Announcement & Reward Date: The winners will be announced on Moot on Feb. 4   - The reward prize coupons will be sent through the in-game banner   - Please refer to the below link for prize exchange instructions.   ※ Please check!   - You may submit multiple works using one account.   - When sharing a post, please be sure to register it as [Open to all].   - If the account information is not confirmed, the prize may be canceled.   - All works must be own work without copyright issues.   - If it is confirmed that you participated in the event in other fraudulent ways, the prize may be canceled without notice.   - Delivery of prizes may be delayed or replaced due to restrictions due to COVID-19.   - For some countries where overseas delivery is not possible, it will be shipped after the regulations are lifted in the future.   - Event products may be replaced with other products with similar specifications or changed to in-game items depending on circumstances.   - Participation in the event indicates that you have agreed to the above terms.

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  • kktako LV.3 Lurker Jan 15, 2021, 06:18 AM

    I chose option 1~
    video link :
    game account ID : bqdl7f3o215f

    Please let me win Davi plushie!!!! 🥺
    but 600k gold is always welcome~

  • mill0048 LV.22 Supersonic Jan 15, 2021, 12:54 AM

    LOL, yeah. No.

  • soulkiss19 LV.9 Nomad Jan 21, 2021, 01:19 PM

    Account Id : c4qnx0hifmtz