Dasar LV.12 Chief
Nov 18, 2020, 09:58 PM 283 read

Отличный перс


Так, как новый аккаунт, персов очень мало еще. Вот выбил сегодня одного из любимых персонажей :3 Attention! For those who do not like my posts in Russian, please download the translator. Otherwise, listening, you can shove your indignation into the anus.

DESTINY CHILD: FAN ART - Отличный перс  image 2
DESTINY CHILD: FAN ART - Отличный перс  image 3

Comment 2

  • Ivy Felissa LV.24 Genius Nov 19, 2020, 02:50 PM

    1. That's super rude of u to say that.

    2. How about u downloading translator to translate ur sentences in english, instead of telling us, the majority of ppl speaking english to bother translating ur post? It's not that u cant speak english, u r just wayy too stubborn to speak english.

  • Kelerher LV.17 Sage Nov 19, 2020, 07:47 PM

    Offensive language and direct harsh insults have never been a proper and effective way of making a sensible & constructive dialog. Unless you want to escalate things, 'cause that's exactly what will happen afterwards.

    In case of sorting things out with people who are not welcoming your non-english posts I would rather suggest you get in touch with DC devs who are hanging out here and moderating(?) community stuff (kinda lazily though, but that's fine and understandable =p). Just in order to clarify 'officially' whever it's completely fine to keep what you're doing - if so, that would be a strong final argument towards your side. And you can also point out your misunderstanding with other users - maybe they'll finally decide to make a separate section for other langs, who knows. I woudn't mind that compromise. Especially as you guys want to stay by your opinions.

    I'm totally up to have people posting on other langs. But THIS kind of conversation is not healthy.
    And demanding much wider audience to learn your native is kinda irrational.

    Ну и, честно говоря, стыдно читать очередной пост русскоговорящего с оскорблениям в адрес других. У нас и так в интернете в достаточной степени сложился не самый приятный образ неотёсанных невеж, так ещё и здесь на полтора русскоговорящего пользователя находится желающий грубо выяснять отношения... (-_-;)・・・