emsee LV.5 Lurker
Sep 16, 2022, 02:26 PM 135 read

event dungeon sweep overflow bug


usually when you sweep, if you have child space but go over the child limit during sweep, it will still allow you to receive the overflow childs.   so for instance, there is full enhance child event right now. if i sweep, it will only give me the overflow for one of the dungeons. it shows that i will receive all the rewards, but when i check to see my roster, it only gave me from one of them.   for further explanation, i had 699/700. i tested first to see if overflow worked. so i did fire enhanced sweep. it gave me all fire rewards so i was at 704/700. so i went back down to 699/700 and tried with remaining 4/5 dungeons and it showed i got rewards from them all, but when i checked my childs, i only got the water dungeon rewards so i was at 707/700. i didnt get the light/wood/dark rewards

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