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1. As tested, Samael as a supporter has the same cool down time and skill charge speed of an attacker. Please fix this ASAP as it severely impacts her performance in wb. Also consider fixing Tiamat’s 9 second CD. 2. False advertising There’s a mistranslation in Chinese of the soul carta ‘the bloody teatime’. In Chinese, it says it will increase the skill gauge, without any mentions to the requirement of units need to get hit in order for the effect to work.

DESTINY CHILD: BUGS & REPORT - Problems image 2

This has mislead the majority of the Chinese players to assume that it would have worked similarly to ‘tokeikas uninvited guest’.

DESTINY CHILD: BUGS & REPORT - Problems image 4

The actual power gap between the 2 effects are quite huge. And quite a few players bought this carta package assuming it has the same effect from the description, only to find out now that they are scammed by false advertisement.

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I also urge you to carefully examine various gameplay related descriptions. There have been several occasions in the last few months where you didn’t provide the full details of carta requirement in your update notes. I was also one of the victim to have heavily invested before knowing the limitations. For ‘reciprocating kiss’, you never specified that it’s limited to dark element in your update notes. So I assumed it works for all elements and bought the package only to find out later that it only works for dark.

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There has to be compensations made to players affected by these false advertisement. 3. Where is the promised friend slot expansion?

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