notasheep LV.13 Chief
Jul 13, 2022, 08:30 PM 210 read

[BUG] Not getting blood gem if app closed after viewing 2nd mammon's ad


This already happened more than once.   If the app closed after viewing Mammon's ad: - will still get the chosen reward - will NOT get the extra blood gem reward (on second ad of the day)   App may be closed due to: - crash - phone time out when idle too long after viewing ad (and the OS does background app clean up, because hey! it's the google play store ad thingy that is in the foreground and the DC game is in the background) - other reasons   When this happen: we cannot rewatch the ad. So the extra blood gem reward is impossible to get.   If you want to check the log: this happened to my account within 2 hours of this report is posted. My id: bsoml743abyu.   No, I don't seek for immediate account compensation, please don't direct me to your customer contact support to further prolonging my issue.   This is a simple bug report. Please fix it.  

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