Paul Green LV.20 S
May 27, 2022, 08:06 AM 117 read

Equipment Menu Issues


Thanks for fixing the sell option on the equipment listings!   Couple other issues I've identified. I'm on iOS, iphone SE, if the platform makes a difference.   1) The Sell option page buttons aren't labeled correctly, they show up looking like code. But that's not the the biggest deal since they functionally work and that's what matters. 2) Switching equipment on the view equipped page now refreshes the entire page upon making a switch. In more specific terms, if I change two childs' equipment (one item or entire set) on the view equipped page, the page resets and send me back to the top of the child list. This did not happen before the update: previously the adjustment was made and my place in the list was maintained. I have to scroll through and find the child I moved equipment from every time I want to make an adjustment as opposed to moving relative to the change I just made. This is a quality of life issue, not a broken function issue, just to be clear.   Thanks for the equipment bookmarks in the past update, now I don't have to spend hours reorganizing between my pvp and whatever the current event is each time.

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  • CM Alt LV.25 GameManager May 27, 2022, 11:58 AM

    Dear Paul Green,
    Thank you for informing us about the issue.
    The labeling issue has now been corrected
    on the iOS environment.
    The page being refreshed after swapping
    Child equipment is as intended since
    the function is being transplanted from
    other servers.
    We appreciate your understanding and
    wish you a joyful weekend.
    Thank you always,