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[Patch] V1.1.0 Patch Notes

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[ 1.1.0 Patch Notes ]   ■ New Characters and Weapon Skins - New PMC Character: Joy - New NSF Characters: Astrid, Oasis - New Weapon Skins: TRG22 - Ash (T1), FP6 - Colour (T3), HK417 - Powerwave (T5), P90 - Silverknight (T6)   ■ Ranked Match & Critical Pass Season 2 Updates - New Ranked Match Season 2 Rewards: MR96 - Desert Digicamo (T3), Vector - Tropical Flower (T4), HK417 - Special (T6)   - New Critical Pass Season 2 Reward Skins: MTX - Deep (T4), P250 - Desert (T1), SUPER90 - Woodland Digicamo (T2), MTX - ABU (T3), MR96 - ABU (T3), TRG22 - Hazard (T3), P90 - Tropical Flower (T4), AWP - Black (T5), XD45 - America grey (T3), M4 - Wave (T3), P90 - Wave (T3), P250 - Deep (T4), SG551 - Flower (T5), AWP - Tropical Neon (T4), M4 - Camelia Summer (T6), SUPER90 - Angry Tiger (T5), P90 - Goblin Summer (T5)   ■ Content Update - New Game Mode: Code Decipher Introducing a new game mode. Eliminate the enemies and collect the dropped Codes to win the match.   - Critical Pass Season 2 starts today. Grind your way through each level to win all-new seasonal rewards.   - Ranked Match Season 2 starts today. With the beginning of a new season, the ranked ladder will be reset. Players will receive soft tier-resets in preparation for the new season. From Season 2, the Ranked matchmaking queue will be restricted to the Solo or Duo queues only.   - Quality of Life Changes: Adding Disable Shoot Button Aim Disable Shoot Button Aim feature is added to the game. You may enable this feature in the Settings > Gameplay menu.   ■ Event - Participate in the Special Attendance Event! Log-in for 7-consecutive-days to win a special Character Skin - NSF Oasis.   ■ Bugfixes - Fixed a bug where the C4 defuse gauge bar and C4 radar location were not displayed correctly in the Spectator Mode. - Fixed a bug that allowed players to apply multiple layers of Spray on the same surface. - Fixed a bug where the Spray images applied by the players who quit the game lingered in the game. - Fixed a bug where the Voice Chat Mute setting experienced a sporadic malfunction, preventing the players from turning it off. - Fixed a bug that caused text messages on Clan Chatrooms to appear on top of each other. - General and Party Chatrooms will now correctly display alerts for new messages. - Fixed a bug that prevented players from rejoining an ongoing Ranked Match when they were disconnected due to network issues. - Fixed a bug in the structures of Broken Map - Site A. The structures now have correct unit collision values to prevent players from shooting through the obstacles.

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