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[Patch] 08/06 V1.0.11 Patch Note

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[ 1.0.11 Patch Notes ]   ■ New Weapon Skins - 4 new weapon skins are added to the game. AUG - Olive (Tier 1) MP5 - Roll Down (Tier 3) MTX - NWU (Tier 4) M14 - Special Hunter (Tier 6)   ■ System Update - Free Case Notification: Players may receive a Push notification whenever a Free Case becomes available in the Shop. - Crosshair Size Adjustment: The default crosshair size has been increased. - Matchmaking Map Pool Change: Prison Map has been temporarily removed from the Team Deathmatch matchmaking map pool. Map "Plaza" will be available in public Team Deathmatch matchmaking. - Matchmaking Improvement: Players will no longer join a game session where the match is close to being finished.   ■ Performance Optimization - Device memory optimization logic has been added to improve the game client's performance.   ■ Bugfixes - Fixed a bug where offline players or players in active game sessions appeared available for the [ Party Invite ] > [ Recent Players ] menu. - Fixed a bug where joining a new game reset the in-game voice chat preferences. - Fixed a bug where the 'death marks' were not displayed correctly on the scoreboard for certain game modes. - Fixed a spectator mode bug where the spectator user interface was not displayed correctly. - Fixed an issue where the user interface elements for certain game modes and weapon Loadout menu were not displayed correctly.

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