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[Patch] 07/16 V1.0.10 Patch Note

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[ 1.0.10 Patch Notes ]   ■ Weapon Skin Update MP7 - Woodland Digicamo (Tier 2) MR96 - Pinky (Tier 3) M14 - Comet (Tier 4) FP6 - Python (Tier 5)   ■ Content Update - Introducing a new Daily Attendance Event & Launch Celebration Operation Event (you can access the new events from the EVENTS tab of the main Lobby Screen) - Introducing a new cosmetic item, Spray! You can place awesome Spray on any surfaces of in-game terrain. - The Basic tutorial now features an additional course to introduce the Crouch and Jump features. - The In-game HUD icon for the Trigger button is updated.   ■ Performance Optimizations - Optimized device memory usage. - Improved the loading time for the initial launch of the game.   ■ Bugfixes - Fixed a bug where the unfinished matches increased missions' gameplay counters even for the players who quit those matches mid-game. - Fixed a bug where a player could claim duplicate Weekly / Monthly Clan rewards by joining and leaving different clans in a short duration. - Fixed the game UI display bug for the Galaxy Fold devices.

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