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[Ban Wave Notice] 07/08 (WED) #6

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[Ban Wave Notice 06]   We at Critical Ops: Reloaded Live Ops Team are giving our best to deliver the best competitive environment for our players. Preserving the competitive integrity of the game and maintaining a healthy gameplay environment is our top priority.   Recently, with the V1.0.8 Update, a new algorithm has been implemented to detect patterns for more sophisticated forms of cheating tools. Further, the Anti-Cheat solution has been updated to prevent certain types of app modifications and packet-hijackings. As a result, we have rooted out major offenders who have been dodging bans for the last two ban waves.   In the future, we plan to focus more on analyzing toxic gameplay patterns such as Leaving/AFKing, harassing teammates through chat/voice chat, and intentional feeding/griefing.   ◈ Date: 2020-07-08   ◈ Reason of Ban: - Abnormal Usage Behavior - Unauthorized Program & Device Usage - Griefing / Toxic Behavior   ◈ Banned Accounts & Devices: 47

ENG Critical Ops: Reloaded: Announcements - [Ban Wave Notice] 07/08 (WED) #6 image 3

◈ Length of Ban: - Permanent User ID & Device ban - Temporary User ID & Device ban for Griefing / Toxic Behavior offenses.   If the system has wrongfully targetted your account/device, please contact our official Customer Service for resolution.   Thank you.

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