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[Notice] 06/30 (TUE) Introducing our Partners!

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Hello, Operators.   This is Critical Ops: Reloaded Community Management Team. We are announcing the Influencer Partner Program & our Pilot Program Partners!   - YasuoiOS:

- Axist:


- asian sponk:

- ImSyuk:

- Xzelsius:

- hexa3k:

  ◈ What is the Influencer Partnership Program?   The Influencer Partnership Program is designed to provide certain benefits to our partnered streamers. We aim to establish an environment where both the game and the streamer mutually benefit from each other's growth.   ◈ Who is eligible for the program? - A passionate gamer who enjoys playing FPS games & loves playing Critical Ops: Reloaded - A streamer who manages a streaming channel as a hobby or as a serious career. - An influencer who exerts positive influence over the gaming community.   ◈ Where do I apply? Open up Critical Ops :Reloaded > Touch [ Watch ] button > Touch [ Apply for Influencer Program ] button  

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  • gamer211261096 LV.1 Mootie Aug 16, 2020, 11:54 AM

    sir I don't get any response of my influencer application can u help?