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[Patch] 06/18 V1.0.7 Patch Note

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  [ 1.0.7 Patch Notes ]   ■ Weapon Skin Update   Following Weapon Skins will debut in the game. - MP5 (Olive - Tier 1) - M14 (Woodland Digicamo - Tier 2) - FP6 (Prestige - Tier 5) - Vector (Prime - Tier 6)   ■ Performance Optimizations   - In-game frame rates will be improved. The device-specific optimization function will be added for both iOS and Android devices. - During the initial running of the game, the game client will adjust Graphics Settings automatically, optimizing the game performance for each device. You can also change the Graphics Settings in Settings > Graphics menu.   ■ Content Changes   - Instead of the AK-47, the M4 assault rifle will be the default weapon for the game tutorials - After receiving the attached items/rewards from the Inbox mails, the [ Collect ] button will be deactivated properly. - Adjusting Game Length: Ranked Match win condition is adjusted. Now a team that wins 9 rounds out of 17 rounds will win the game. - Adjusting Game Length: Casual Defuse Mission win condition is adjusted. Now a team that wins 6 rounds out of 11 rounds will win the game. - Ranked Mode Fever Time event will be introduced. More detailed information regarding the event will follow shortly after the Patch V1.0.7.   ■ Bugfixes   - Fixed a bug where the players could not complete the [Connect to Game ] Mission properly. - Changed the map texture for [ Prison ] map where the writings were inversed for certain parts of the map. - Galaxy Fold will now correctly display the in-game user interfaces and the heads-up displays. - Fixed a bug where the Rank placements for the Ranked Mode was not displayed correctly. - Fixed a bug where team members were unevenly assigned to each team.

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