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[Patch] 06/05 V1.0.6 Patch Note

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[ 1.0.6 Patch Notes ]   ■ Weapon Skin Update Following Weapon Skins will be added to the game. - MTX (Olive - Tier 1) - AUG (Pinky - Tier 3) - MP7 (Road - Tier 4) - M14 (Silverknight - Tier 6)   ■ User Interface Improvements - Network ping indicators now have distinct color schemes to indicate network conditions correctly (Green / Yellow / Red). - In-game name (IGN) creation skip button for the final phase of account creation will be disabled. Players who have created their accounts with default usernames (OPS-XXX) will get a chance to change their IGNs (detailed information regarding the IGN change will be posted shortly after). Players who have already created their accounts with unique usernames are not the subjects for IGN change.   ■ Bugfixes - Fixed a bug where the in-game browser displayed the mirror image of webpages. - Players will now receive correct notifications for completing Clan Missions. - Fixed a bug where certain iOS devices could not display Thai font. iOS devices now display Thai font correctly. - "Connect to Game" mission for the Daily Mission / Critical Pass Mission can be completed properly. - Fixed a bug where players were allocated to the servers of the foreign regions during the Ranked Mode games. - Fixed a bug where the DEATH mark for the dead players did not appear on the scoreboard. - Fixed an issue where Monthly Clan Points did not reset for the change of month. - Fixed a bug where the maximum Clan member limits were not applied.  

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