[Maintenance Notice] November 20th (Completed)

Hello Commanders,
Today's scheduled maintenance has been successfully completed.
Please check out following details about the maintenance.
 New Event! Hunt Down Guild NPCs
From Nov. 20th to mid night (ET) of Dec. 21st, join forces with your fellow guild members and hunt down enemy Guild NPCs as a team to get a chance to win Heroic and Legendary ships! Guild NPCs will show up randomly by defeating single NPCs. Remember! After taking down a Guild NPC in time, the next one will be even stronger than the previous.
 Battle log glitch has been fixed.
 Mary Barca is only available from Cash Shop for a limed time! Recruit her before it is too late!
 You can access Rogue Universe’s community page from a menu button now! Click the “community” button from the bottom right corner on the menu bar for easy access.
 As a compensation for the lengthy maintenance, 500 gems has been gifted to your mail box.
Please update manually through Android/iOS stores to enjoy new content if you haven’t done so:
App Store:
Google Play Store:
Thank you for your patience.

LV.7 GameManager 8mo

[Maintenance Notice] November 15th (Completed)

Hello Commanders,
There will be a scheduled maintenance on November 15, 2018 at 4 AM ET. ( 1 AM PT)
Please refer to the maintenance schedule, and be sure to log out safely before the maintenance time.
Thank you for your patience!

LV.7 GameManager 8mo

Rogue Universe is now available to everyone in Canada!

Hope you didn't have to wait too long, Rogue Universe is now available on both Android and Apple devices!
Head over to the Play Store or the App Store and download the game now
Play Store -
App Store -

LV.17 GameManager 8mo

14-Day Event

Buy all 5 phases of items and you'll get Dandolos on your crew!
Dandolos is a powerful and skillful merchant and a retired member of the Council of Ten. The Council of Ten of Serenissima is an emergency organization that was created to mediate between the president and the Council of Serenissima. When Dandolos was an active member of the Council of Ten, he drew several successful trade agreements but his efforts were met with some criticism like any influential figure.
Have Dandolos on your side and reap the benefits -
Mercantilist : Negotiation Score will increase from 2->15.
Natural Merchant : Cruising Speed increases from 2% -> 32%
Political Supporter: Labor Score will increase from 1-> 11.
Serenissima: Cruising Score will increase from 1 -> 11.

LV.17 GameManager 8mo

Opening Event

To commemorate this great day, we have an opening sale on our in-app store! We have great deals everyday and limited time sales as well so get them while they're hot!

LV.17 GameManager 8mo

Welcome Aboard!

Great news! We are celebrating our soft launching exclusively in Canada - we are currently available for download on Google Play. If you have pre-registered for the game and are in Canada, keep an eye on your email in the next couple of days. We will be sending out a notice and your exclusive rewards very soon.
To also commemorate this day, head over to our in-app store and find great Opening Event deals!
Stay tuned because we will be available on the App Store soon as well.
ps - Happy Remembrance Day!

LV.17 GameManager 8mo

Welcome to Rogue Universe!

LV.17 GameManager 9mo