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Pillaging Peril!

There you are in the Andromeda stellar system minding your own business when suddenly you receive a notification. Did your fleet finish their mission? Or maybe your research has finally completed? No… something isn’t right.   You’re about to be pillaged! Annihilated is one matter but pillaged is far worse for the resource scavenger such as yourself! How are you going to level up your Command Post if someone steals all your precious materials?   Well, now is the time to take action. There is little time left and you need to be prepared. But what should you do?   Option 1: Defend Your Loot

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Before we take any immediate means of action maybe it’s worth considering who you’re defending against right? The only way to be pillaged is to have your defenses breached, meaning that if you have a defensive fleet powerful enough you’re safe! Make sure you have your best fleet defending your mothership to ensure the upmost security.   Of course, you might not be so lucky. Maybe the no-good pillager is significantly more powerful than you. Damn those early players! No chance of defending your turf? Well there’s another option:   Option 2: Shopping Spree?

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Can’t steal what’s already spent right? Maybe take a moment to see what you can spend your resources on. Chances are there’s something you haven’t researched just yet. Or maybe there’s some ships/crew members that could use some upgrades? In any case there’s bound to be something for you to upgrade, purchase or discover. Sure, it might not be what you were saving up for, but now you’ve spent all that hard-earned resources for yourself! Not to mention you’re not giving away all your money to your enemy 😉   Okay but what do you do if you don’t have anywhere to spend your money? Well there’s still one more option for you:   Option 3: Bounce Outta the Planet

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Did you know that leaving the planet you’re on cancels the attack? This works for annihilation too! Sometimes running away from your problems really is the best course of action. Just choose another planet in the system to enter and arrive there before your enemy pillages you. If you choose a location and deploy fast enough, you can evade your problems. Assert your lack of dominance!   Unfortunately, the last option only works if you have enough time to evade. If you don’t well… you’re gonna have to say good bye to that hard earned money. On the plus side you can always pillage some other people to make up for your losses! Unethical? Maybe. But it’s a Pirate’s life for me!

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