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[Guide] Main Screen

Hi. This is [GM] Janet.   I would like to introduce you how to operate the Mothership this time! Let me guide you through Main Screen.   ◎ Main Screen Once you access the game, you will be automatically directed to your main screen that looks like following.  

Rogue Universe: Tips and Tutorials - [Guide] Main Screen image 2

  1. Character ID & VIP You can see your character’s name and level with available VIP points for you to use. You can tap VIP points to access VIP page where you could buy and use VIP points to enhance your Mothership.   2. Combat Power You can see your current combat power displayed from your fleets.   3. Resources You can see current amount of materials, fuel, and golds you possess. You can tap the screen to view it in more details.   4. Gems You can see the amount of gems you possess. You can tap Gems to access Gem Shop to make purchases.   5. Planet You can see the planet you are currently at. You can tap the Planet to see the players in your planet and profitable products from the planet.   6. Planet View You can view your location in planetary, stellar, or galaxy view.   7. Player List You can view player list on the planet you are currently at. You can visit other player’s mothership by selecting the player on the list.   8. Beginner Shield Beginner shield is available for a new player for 24 hours of protection from other players.   9. Shop You can tap Shop to access Planet Conquer, Item Shop and Cash Shop.   10. Rewards You can tap Rewards to access Journey, Daily Quest, Achievement, and Attendance to receive rewards.   11. Menu You can tap Menu to check the items you possess, number of fleets deployed, access Research menu and Settings.   12. Chat You can see chats and tap to type one.   13. Module You can access each Module at the bottom of screen.     ※ This guide is based on a test server and might vary from the actual gameplay.  

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