New call of duty 2019....sniper montage....how to snipe in modern warfare!

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It's SIR Walter Wellington to you!

Name: Sir Walter von Wallington of the Great Wellington
Faction: Black Flag
Age: 40s
Species: Vol
Sex: Male
Where to begin with Sir Walter..
First of all, you'll probably never see him slouch. Ever.
He sits and stands upright in an attempt to look taller and more intimidating but most people find it hard to take him seriously (on account of him being a chihuahua) so he has a permanent scowl on his face.
Also known for his misfortune, poor Sir Walter can't seem to catch a break.
Disaster seems to strike wherever he is, whether it's getting attacked by the U.N.S. or his space station exploding, it's as if the universe is out to get him.

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What would Ratel Bolivar Do?
Pillage, recon, or annihilate? What would Ratel Bolivar do?
We'll never know because he doesn't give a damn

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Great Review from AppAdvice!

Thank you App Advice for the article! We're excited to share with the world the work we've done and poured our hearts into these last two years

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When you realize you can play your own music while playing Rogue Universe

But really though, this is a godsend. Just mute all the sfx sounds and play your own tunes to jam to.

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RIP Stan Lee, we lost a beautiful soul today

RIP to an important man who has influenced and touched millions of lives.
His work has inspired so many and gave countless people a voice, hope, and the strength to stand up for what they believe in.
A lot of our artists and our style have been greatly influenced by his work and we hope to carry on his legacy and keep his memory alive through our efforts.
You will be greatly missed

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Love the art style

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Behind the Scenes - Inking one of our characters

Can you guess which faction he belongs in?

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Can't wait for Rogue Universe's official launch!

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What's Rogue Universe?

I've only found little to none information of it on the internet. Can anyone briefly explain to me what kind of game this is?

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Waiting for this game to launch like

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Introducing the factions - The Black Flag

After the ‘War of the Invaders’, there was a large number of refugees that arose from the redevelopment of the Stellar Nations and the issue of ownership over the new trade routes. As a result, the Black Flag grew rapidly in size and many revolutionaries arose.
The majority of pirates that were captured were either independence fighters who were fighting for his nation’s freedom or the son of a wealthy governor who was working with natives of the planet. This has become so commonplace that it no longer surprises anyone.

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Introducing the factions - The Zurich Bank

An economic union formed by various businesses, the Zurich Bank is in charge of the Stellar Nations’ economy. Sectors ranging from manufacturing, construction, resource development/energy development care deeply about the financial industry. There are countless conspiracy theories and rumors created by those who want to evade taxes. There is also another well-known rumor that the U.N.S is in the Zurich Bank’s inner circle.
On the surface, the Zurich Bank advocate for liberalism and supports artists and cultural events. However, the Zurich Bank are also familiar with backroom deals or shady investments. In order to monopolize rare minerals, companies that are not associated with the Zurich Bank have coups in the Stellar systems. In this case, the bank's relationship with the Black Flag proves itself useful. The Zurich Bank’s direct trade route is safe in the Black Flag’s territory for a reasonable toll. Zurich Bank does not have a standing army but they do employ a large number of mercenaries.

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Introducing the factions - The U.N.S. (United Nations of Stellar)

Similar to the UN’s Peacekeeping Forces, the U.N.S is made up of forces from each Stellar Nation in order to keep the peace. After the “War of the Invaders”, the U.N.S strengthened both politically and economically. After collaborating with the Council, the U.N.S is on call to prevent any attacks that could lead to another horrific war like the 'War of the Invaders' many years ago.
Since its founding, the U.N.S was only significant during times of conflict. Before the war, they had a tendency to stir up conflict in the outskirts of the galaxy. Even to this day, there are a few warmongers at the top of the ladder in the U.N.S.
There is a conspiracy theory that the U.N.S. were the ones behind the ‘War of the Invaders’.

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