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Module Skins Event

Rogue Universe: Events - Module Skins Event image 1

▣Mothership and Module Skins Event - Check out Skins Acquisition Event menu upon clicking the Item / Cash Shop. - When you click the event menu, you will be given quests to be completed over 4 weeks, and you will earn points each time you finish these quests. Collect points to unlock a new module skin. - New button has been added to the current module menu. Each module’s available skins can be seen and changed from there - There will be bonus stats for each module that has a skin equipped. Possible module stats are: Barrier, Attack Power, HP, Fatal Blow Rate, Rate of Fire, and Movement Speed Increase. Each module skin has a Common, Rare, Heroic, or Legendary rarity, and the amount of bonus varies depending on the rarity.  

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