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The Fearless Package

Rogue Universe: Events - The Fearless Package image 5

Collect all 5 items and get Ratel Bolivar on your crew!   Bolivar hails from the famed Bolivar family from the Vol Stellar system. Educated and trained at one of the best military academies, Bolivar showed an interest in subjects such as history and philosophy and picked up liberal ideologies.   Going against his family’s beliefs, this fearless honey badger fights for the rebellion and doesn’t give a damn about what anybody thinks.   Details: Squadron Pack - Earn 3 hero-class Swarms Combat Training Pack - Train crew members and increase their combat abilities Reputation and Coin Pack - Gain a solid reputation and trade with the Black Flag Notoriety Pack - Earn VIP items Pillage Material Pack - Get a valuable item that was stolen by Bolivar himself  

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