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Dev's Note - Future Plans (Guild Battles, Deep Strike, etc.)

Hello Commanders, this is the Dev team from Must Games.   We have been reading through your feedback and have focused on usability and interactions. We would like to let you in the loop of what we have been working on. (Note: some of the following details may change without notice since some of these plans are still being developed.)  


  ## Guild Battles ##   A lot of commanders have suggested creating a system where guilds can battle against other guilds. We have gathered your requests and ideas and we are currently developing content for guild battles.   We will start with a basic guild battle format and progressively develop them into a bigger scale. The following points are the gist of what we had in mind.   • Guilds can declare war on each other and the two guilds will be in battle for a fixed period of time.   • Guilds that are in battle with each other will receive additional Honor points for pillaging or annihilating other players which will help with inflicting a lot of damage to your enemies.   • The guild that is able to inflict more damage and satisfy the requirements before the battle time runs out, will be the battle winner and receive a special reward.     ## Story and Challenge Factors ##   The dev team have prepared a lot of strategies to present the world of Rogue Universe to you commanders. The first thing we would like to show you is ‘Deep strike’.   Deep strike is a story mode where you can cooperate with various characters in the game while also trailblazing the routes that are occupied by the ‘Invaders’. Defeat enemies that grow stronger and uncover secrets of Rogue Universe.     ## Single NPC Changes ##   Defeating Single NPCs have become tedious like homework until now. The dev team wanted to make fighting Single NPCs more enjoyable so we have come up with the following changes.   • A variety of different level NPCs will appear at random on each planet according to your recommended level.   • Among the variety of NPCs, a distinctive NPC may also appear. The stronger they are, the more rewards you will reap. And every once in a while, you might discover a NPC carrying valuable treasures.   • The limit on attacking Single NPCs has been lifted so players can attack multiple Single NPCs at once.     ## Other Improvements ##   In addition to the large changes, the dev team will also work on usability and balancing as follows.   • The essential menus that were spread apart will be organized into two categories, ‘Development’ and ‘Assemble Fleet’. Furthermore, we will also improve the Task Management menu. We are working towards building a UI that will be easier to use so players can manage various tasks without going through many steps.   • Ship balancing is underway. Battle-type ships and mission-type ships will have a significant difference in stats, and the stats of ships will be modified more appropriately according to the grade of the ships.     Thank you.  

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