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[Maintenance Notice] December 21st (Completed)


Hello Commanders,   Today's scheduled maintenance has been successfully completed.   -Maintenance Schedule GMT December 21st, 07:00-07:50 ET December 21st, 02:00-02:50 PT December 20th, 23:00 -23:50 Please refer to the maintenance schedule, and be sure to log out safely before the maintenance time.   Please check out the maintenance's patch note details below:   ▣Mothership and Module Skins Event - Check out Skins Acquisition Event menu upon clicking the Item / Cash Shop. - When you click the event menu, you will be given quests to be completed over 4 weeks, and you will earn points each time you finish these quests. Collect points to unlock a new module skin. - New button has been added to the current module menu. Each module’s available skins can be seen and changed from there - There will be bonus stats for each module that has a skin equipped. Possible module stats are: Barrier, Attack Power, HP, Fatal Blow Rate, Rate of Fire, and Movement Speed Increase. Each module skin has a Common, Rare, Heroic, or Legendary rarity, and the amount of bonus varies depending on the rarity.   ▣Visualization of activities on other player’s mothership - When you see another player from planet view, any active missions currently being completed by them will have their routes displayed.   ▣Automatic Fleet Generation has been added - Automatic fleet generation function has been added to the Fleet Selection menu. This will allow players to automatically create a fleet with ships and crew members from the player’s list of pre-existing ships and crew members. When the mission and battle is over, the automatically generated fleet will be dismantled. - Automatic fleet generation utilizes available ships even from existing fleet, and assigned and unassigned crew members. - Added a function to lock existing fleet. A locked fleet will be protected from changes on its ships / crews when configuring an automatic fleet.   ▣Rewards for completing missions in Level 5+ Stella systems have been upgraded - Resource rewards from completing missions have been greatly improved in the entire Stella. - For missions that can be completed in 10 minutes or less, players will receive a different range of resources depending on the level of the Stella system. - One resource out of the 3 that players are rewarded after completing a mission will have 1.5 times the amount, compared to the other 2 resources. - Rewards will increase over time if mission time is long. - As an additional bonus, players will receive 2x the amount of rewards upon completing missions. - Rewards will be greatly increased in planets that have more resources.   ▣Rebalanced Research Time - Levels within a Research will gradually increase the research time.   ▣Rebalanced Module enhancement time / Conserved resources - Completion time of enhancing modules that are at level 6 through 12 have been reduced greatly for all other modules, and even more for Command Post. - At low levels, protected resource storage has been increased   ▣Stabilization time and cost rebalanced - More materials are now required for Stabilization at all stages. - The stabilization time has been rebalanced for initial level of ship   ▣GUI improvements - Change to shop bundles, quest bundles, and other bundle icons - Icons for ship and crew ranks has been changed, module rank icon has been added - New look on Daily Quest page   ▣Bug fixes -Fixed a bug where players couldn’t proceed even when their timer was 0 seconds while stabilizing ships.   ▣ Guild NPC Event has been completed   ▣ Daily quests are now easier to complete!   ▣ Russian can be selected from settings   As a compensation for the lengthy maintenance, 200 gems has been gifted to your mail box. Thank you for your patience!   Please update manually through Android/iOS stores to enjoy new content if you haven’t done so:       App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1423996567 Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.rogue.universe.space.mmo

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