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[Maintenance Notice] December 7th (Completed)

Hello Commanders,    

  There will be a scheduled maintenance on December 7th, 2018 at 3 AM ET to 6 AM ET. (0 AM PT to 3 AM PT)   Please refer to the maintenance schedule, and be sure to log out safely before the maintenance time.   Below are the following updates after the maintenance.     ▣ Introducing Honor System - VIP System has been changed to Honor System as we shared in the Developer's Notes. - You can now earn Honor Points from completing missions, daily quests, annihilations, and NPC wipe outs. - Each level and effects have been partially adjusted.     ▣ Enhanced Rewards for Completing Tutorial - 30-day Subscription Package from the Cash Shop will be given to everyone that has completed the tutorial! You will receive 100 gems every day for 30 days. - You will receive an item in your mailbox when you log in every day and you get an additional 100 gems when that item is used.     ▣ Introducing Public NPC - A Public NPC will appear at designated planets at a specified time. The location and time will change for each NPC. - Public NPCs and Guild NPCs can be defeated by collaborating with others. Unlike Guild NPCs, anyone can attack Public NPCs. - When a Public NPC appears, you can tap the ‘Touch to find Public NPC” button on the main menu’s control panel and get directed to it instantly. - Attack a Public NPC has been added to Daily Quests.     ▣ Achievement display renewal - You can now check receivable Achievement Rewards from the top of the list.     ▣ Guild NPC Balancing - Guild NPC stats have been adjusted so a fewer number of players can defeat it. - A Guild NPC will have 8 hours before it disappears.     ▣ Module Balancing - Reinforcement time for the Command Post has been reduced.     ▣ Graphic Quality Settings The Graphic quality will automatically adjust according to the device performance. (e.g. When your phone is overheating, the graphic quality will adjust itself.)     ▣ Bug Maintenance - Completion Bug experienced after completing Pillages and NPC Battles that resulted in 00:00:00 time remaining and locked the fleet has been fixed. - Upon leveled up Honor System, immediate completion is available from main menu's control panel.     Please update manually through the Android/iOS stores to enjoy new content after the maintenance.   Thank you for your patience!  

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