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Dev's Note- Future Plans

  - Modifying the VIP System The VIP system was a way for users to level up by gradually building up points from actively playing the game. However, we have focused too much on this aspect which has made leveling up challenging and may have seemed that we were forcing people to pay in order to advance. The developers have recognized this issue and the problems of the system. We have evaluated your achievements and will modify the system. Firstly, we will change the VIP system to an Honor System. Secondly, players level up by collecting Honor Points in order to level up in the Honor System. The Honor Points are collected through your missions, pillages, and wipe outs. Even without special missions, anyone will be able to collect Honor Points and level up by simply playing the game. Thirdly, Honor Points can also be collected as items during events. Participating in events will help users collect Honor Points faster.   - Mission difficulty and rewards The dev team has been looking carefully at the mission difficulty and reward system for improvements. They have paid particular attention to giving users the option to choose the difficulty and the awards. Some of the current missions can be very difficult which also makes getting the rewards that you want difficult to earn. The dev team is looking into ways to solve this problem. Our first step will be to increase the amount of rewards so players will be able to choose from a variety of difficulty and reward types on a planet.   - TBD (To be decided) Module reinforcement time to be adjusted for level 10 and under Ship and crew related timers to be adjusted for lower levels.   Thank you.

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