JamesWiggs JamesWiggs LV.27 Mod
Dec 3, 2019, 10:19 AM 35 read

Looking for ACTIVE members.

So, as most people know, people are always willing to join a clan, and SAY they are active, they play for a few days and POOF; they vanish. I need REAL active members, but there's a catch: I'm not exactly sure of my clans requirements, so I'm sot sure exactly who can join (I'll update this as soon as I find out the expectations) Here's a bit of info on my clan: -Level 10+, only exceptions would be people someone one of us know irl. -Most of us are pretty tight knit, and know eachother well. Not in real life, but we've been in the clan for a while. (co leaders/leader) -We don't DEMAND people take part of war, but if you do collection day and don't do war, 3 strikes, you're out. A easy way to avoid this: don't participate in war when you know you'll be busy the next day, or aren't sure about it. -War starts as soon as the last one ends. (Or as soon as a co leader logs on and starts it) -We perfer people 18+ (but it doesn't really matter the age, I'll explain more in the next part) -We expect people to be mature to an extent.( I. E. No homophobia, no racism etc.) Joking around is fine but we don't tolerate hate, and if two people are really arguing, we check everything and we will kick the person who is wrong, or both, depending what was said. -ACTIVENESS. We expect people to log in daily, we do watch people's last logins and kick inactive people. (Unless it's someone who actually told one of the co-leaders they have to be inactive for a reason ((when doing that, let us know how long you will be inactive)) -Donations... We don't require a set amount, but we do expect you to donate. Donating helps us get exp, and you get cards. It helps you get cards and exp. It's just a good thing to do. -Leaving the clan and coming back is fine, however if you do this alot and don't warn us, we will not tolerate it anymore, we also can't always promise you a spot, we (usually) don't kick members who just joined.

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