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Tournament stats: Rascal girls (1): Health: 216 Damage: 110 Attack speed: 1.1 sec. Movement speed: medium Targets: air&ground Range: 5 Rascal boi: Health: 1600 Damage: 110 Attack speed: 1.3 sec. Movement speed: medium Targets: ground Range: melee My thoughts: This card is literally a knight with archers behind him. The rascal girls are underleveled archers that can be arrowed/logged, while the rascal boi is a beefy mini-tank (Yes, he is a mini tank!). He has THE MOST HP as a mini-tank in this game! Even compared to the knight of the same level: the knight has 1350 HP when the boi has 1600 HP. However, his damage is quite low. He can only one shot skeletons, fire spirits and spear goblins. It would take him 6 hits to kill a musketeer, and due to this, a single musketeer can finish off that big boye. He's used mainly, as a beefy tank while rascal gals gun down the troops behind him. Overall, this card looks like an interesting defensive one. It can destroy elite barbarians (even when the opponent kills the girls with arrows or the log), or when he rages them, he cannot kill the beefy boi and get to the tower. R.I.P ELITE BARBARIANS Not certain how's it's gonna influence the meta, but overall, the card looks badass! What are your thoughts on this card?

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