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Apr 27, 2018, 02:53 PM 1,778 read

New Moderator aboard!

Hey guys I am Javier but you guys can call me Tech, because why not! I love to be part of this lounge, because this is my favorite mobile game, so I have a lot of experience with this game and I'd love to help anyone on anything, i am very active and supportive, if you have ideas on how to make our lounge way BETTER! Let me know Ill be open minded to read, and If it might sound good, I will let the administrators know the idea so they can take care of it! Same goes with issues with another players, please respect the content policy and the lounge rules so we can have fun! 😅 (By the way I can speak spanish if you need an extra help with the language 👀) I will be posting some useful tips and stuff about Clash Royale only, I will manage posts and track them to keep our lounge safe and in order, so please post stuff in the right tabs thanks. ⚠️To the other moderators in this lounge please, let me know if you guys are active so we all can come in a talk and make some rules for our lounge! 👥Feel free to add on Clash Royale, I want more friends to play with! 📷Follow me on my Instagram where I post decks, tips, gameplays and more! ⬇️ If you have any concern, idea, deck to share or anything, DM on my instagram above, thats where you guys can contact me, I'd like to be in touch with my lounge!

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