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Apr 27, 2018, 12:53 PM 1,426 read

Supercell ID: Getting started

Supercell ID was a huge feature added across all Supercell games but was this worth it? Supercell added this new feature as a method as a method, to make our lifes easy by switching between accounts, and also adding a extra layer of security for our accounts, but this also has an issue, and I'd like to address it. In my point of view Supercell ID has its PROS and CONS. Mostly the fact that once you link your game account to Supercell ID, theres no way back, you will be stuck with Supercell ID, and mostly of us would like to go back to Google Play services or Game Center. Another issue players face is the fact that we mostly forget in what email we left our account, so I will recommend to use your main email, since you can save 4 Supercell games in 1 account. If you don't know what Supercell ID is, or how to use it, well you should check out the video below. Let me know your opinion about this, is it worth it?

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