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Apr 25, 2018, 10:14 PM 2,278 read

New update

After 2 hours of intense fighting, spectating, and etc, I came to a conclusion that this update is AWESOME!!! I also made a poll to see your opinion about it. (You can choose several answers) (Update: OH YEAH FEATURED POST!)

Poll Closed 6 Voted

What's your opinion this update?

  • 10/10, supercell always do their best! 3
  • 7-9/10, the update is good enough. 3
  • It's alright that they delayed it. 2
  • 4-6/10, not so good, rather blank or lame. 0
  • 0-3/10, absolute crap. (don't choose this option) 0
  • I hated that they delayed the update! (you did) 0

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