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Thank you Clasher for voting, and Happy New Year, vote for wild card here...

Thanks for all your support and voting there is another poll for round 2 of the best card in clash right now... https://moot.us/lounges/7/boards/27/posts/4497 Hey clasher, thanks for you for your like and support for your favorite Clash Royale card. I also like to thank the people who comment and corrected on there as well, showing your cards support as well as you probably voted for it. Both part 1 & 2 got over 250 votes. And to the people voted can't decide or what is Clash Royale, nice and funny I got a vote for that. Just to let you know it's not over yet, there still is another poll I'm making as I type, it will contain cards that got more than 1 vote(46) and I'll add Mega Minion became of my screw up and Royale Ghost since it just came out, so I will need 2 more wild cards and I made a poll for the cards with 1 vote, the top 2 will be picked in the next poll. So I'm hoping for no ties. Thanks again for all the support and Happy New Year Clashers... P.S. I type a lot sorry...

Poll Closed 44 Voted

Choose Your Wild Card, you can vote more than once

  • Executioner 25
  • Clone 10
  • Skeleton Barrel 9
  • Rocket 9
  • Fire Spirits 8
  • Inferno Tower 8
  • Graveyard 8
  • Poison 7
  • Spear Goblins 6
  • Ice Golem 6
  • Valkyrie 6
  • Musketeer 5
  • Dark Prince 5
  • Rage 4
  • Guards 4
  • Tombstone 2
  • Bomb Tower 1

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