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top transportation companies in canada


With extensive in-hand learning of the logistics industry dating up to more than two decades, Power House Expedite Inc. is a business owned by a family, now striving to officially expand its commercial horizon after building an impressive and successful reputation amongst various dealers belonging to ever-so-diversified industries of shippers, warehouses, factories, auto shops, and dealerships. Employing experience in dispatching services, the mission of the company is now set to broaden its horizon for lending a helping hand to the people and businesses all over Canada and United States looking for a company to aid them in expediting their delivery cycle. With an aim to outperform every other logistic company you may have worked with, we provide you with asset-based drivers as well as partner carriers that are hand-picked by us for facilitating you around the clock for 24 hours, 7 days a week, leaving no packages from unloading on the shipment carrier. https://powerhouseexpedite.com/

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