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Oct 25, 2022, 08:38 PM 50 read

Ghosts Caught On Camera in Southern California


The True Story of Madame Marguerite Roberts is one of the best ghost hunter books. Randsburg, California, was one of the Southern gold mining communities with the fastest population growth in 1895. In 2019, while spending the night by myself in Madame Marguerite Roberts' Red-Light District Cabin, I unintentionally caught Madame's spirit by using the ghost hunter camera.   Many people have investigated the paranormal, but for the last 3 years my evidence is so vivid and compelling that I knew it was time to share what they've shown me, my first Book is "The Madame of Randsburg from 1890s." Once I took her picture in her red-light district cabin, I researched her and came up with such an incredible story that it needed to be told.   Read the Full Story Here: https://ghostshunter.com  

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