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Logging into your router's interface is necessary to configure the TP-Link router settings., the default gateway for your router, is what you use to access the login page for the TP-Link router. You can access the advanced wireless security settings by entering this gateway into the address field of your browser.     TP-Link router login or login   ● An Ethernet cable can be used to connect the modem and router of TP-Link. ● Open a web browser on the computer you will use to login to ● In the browser's address bar, type order ● Verify that your computer is connected to the internet. ● In the appropriate fields, enter your default username and password. ● After clicking the Login button, you will be redirected to the Quick Setup Wizard page. ● Next, choose your connection type to establish the internet connectivity. ● For a successful setup of an internet connection for the tp-link router login, fill in the network name and password.   TP-Link router setup   ● If you are logging in for the first time, the smart tp-link router setup process will automatically start once you have entered the TP-Link wireless router configuration password. ● After the tp link router setup process has started, your internet connection is automatically identified and the settings are determined. You can also stop the router from detecting your connection and manually fill out the required details. ● All settings that you have chosen on the next TP-Link router setup page will be displayed. You can then review them all and click save to save these settings. You are now ready to use your new TP-Link router.    

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