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Nov 10, 2022, 01:32 AM 19 read

Accept Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency payments with NOWPayments


The threat is rapidly increasing and there is a need for action. Listen to learn more about the risks involved with cryptocurrency and what can be done to mitigate them. Their solutions are compatible with all wallets, easy to integrate, and offer instant confirmation, locked-in exchange rates, and chargeback protection. And if you click on an unexpected link they send or send cryptocurrency to a so-called celebrity’s QR code, that money will go straight to a scammer and it’ll be gone. Cryptocurrencies typically do not come with any such protections like we mentioned in https://wallstreethack.com/nowpayments-the-newest-platform-for-seamless-cryptocurrency-payments/.   Exchange & OTC desk   KPMG report, instant payments are rapidly becoming the “new normal” in the financial services space. The partnership is based on our payment infrastructure throughout Switzerland as well as Bitcoin Suisse’s expertise and experience in the field of cryptocurrencies. Payment gateways are companies taking on the perceived risk of cryptocurrency payments by using their wallet to facilitate transactions between merchants and their customers. It's important to note that digital currency payment gateways are not required. It's perfectly acceptable to use your personal wallet to accept cryptocurrency payments; however, gateways take the extra work of exchanging cryptcurrency and managing a wallet out of your hands.   Cash App   Anyone can create cryptos and enter the crypto market, which has all sorts of consequences. Risks of theft or of loss caused by deception or insider trading are not uncommon. The impression many consumers must have is one of the Wild West, with traders acting as trigger-happy “crypto cowboys”. New ones are introduced on a daily basis, while others disappear. Unbacked crypto assets are values or rights that exist only in the DLT.

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