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What it's like taking an exam during lockdown


While some students may have had to take online exams at one point in their lives, others will not. I had to take an exam as part my third year's final assessments. It was quite a unique experience and taught me a lot of confidence and discipline in regards to studying.   On the 3rd April came my exam timetable. I didn't know what I was going to get this year so I looked at my only exam, which was set for Thursday 7th Mai at 10am and would last 23 hours. What did that really mean? It meant that I had only 23 hours to complete the assessment before the exam published at 10 a.m. on the 7th. My first instinct was panic. How was I supposed write two essays in just one day? It used to take me weeks to complete an essay I was happy writing. Here's how to overcome exam anxiety so you can pass the assessment in record time   This was an examination. When answering an essay question in essay writing conditions, it can be difficult for you to relax. You have more time and the illusion that you will be able write with the same quality that your coursework which took weeks. The truth is that this exam is an exam. And the marker knows it. Learn to be as accurate as possible in your preparation. It is important to understand the time limits and to not expect too much.   For essay-based exams, it is a good idea to get familiar with the exam format. This is the same as for any other year. But, there are chances that your online exam will have a slightly different format. Is there an updated word count? What has the number of questions changed? The word count for my exam was limited to 1,000 words per essay. This was a relief. This allowed me plan my essays in a way that was clear and easy to follow, helping to alleviate some anxiety that I was under pressure to write pages upon page.   When revising, my mind was open to the possibility that the exam might be open-book. This meant that I would have all the resources available to me when I took the exam. This was something that I thought about when taking notes. I organized them in a way that I could easily read them again whenever I needed them. I also saved helpful websites and essays to my Chrome exam folder, so I could easily find them during my 23-hour exam period. Статья   My online exam experience and top tips Everyone's lives have been significantly affected by Covid-19, with students certainly not being exempt. The Covid-19 pandemic has made it impossible for students to return at University to take their examinations as normal. Students have had to submit online assessments. It seems that the semester's online exams will continue.   Online exams proved to be difficult for many because they were unfamiliar. My friends are unanimous in their belief that they helped relieve exam stress and allowed students the opportunity to study for subject matter rather than passing an exam.   After having taken numerous online exams, I thought this would a good opportunity to share some of my experiences with you and to offer some useful tips for the upcoming assessment period. .   How to study online for an examination Online exams have been very helpful for me. I find that I focus less on the practicalities, and more on my revision. I truly value taking the time for study and reading into topics. It is much more rewarding than trying to memorise everything to pass a test.   I recommend this opportunity to expand your knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of what you are studying, particularly if the exam is open book. It is helpful to organize the content into short, easy-to-read notes. This will give you quick access to the information and allow you to build up a resource library for the future.   It is vital to remember that revision is still necessary, even for online exam. Lack of preparation can cause stress, which will only make the exam more difficult. Be confident that you are in control of the exam.   Where to sit for your online examination The best part about the online format was sitting at my desk and not in an examination room. I enjoyed the change and was less anxious. I didn't have to worry about intimidating invigilators, exam halls or hundreds tapping their pens. These were all perfect exam conditions!   Even though it's your home, I urge you to be fully clothed, well-fed and set up in a comfortable study space. Before you start, triple-check that your Wifi is working properly. Do not panic if you experience technical difficulties. Make a note and contact your examiner. They will appreciate that technology can be complicated and won't punish you for it.   Online exams aren't meant to duplicate traditional exam formats. It is important for you to feel at ease, even if that means you need to have a cup with hot tea or water by your side.   When to take your online examinations Sometimes, I feel so rushed on a traditional exam that sometimes it is difficult to gather my thoughts and form a coherent response. Because I am not under time pressure, online exams allow me to think more deeply and structure my answers better.   Expect to not complete all of your exams in one sitting. Rome wasn’t built in a day. You must take the time necessary to go through each one and then give yourself breaks to reorient your thinking. The extra time will allow you to think deeply about the questions and the best way to answer them.   Final thoughts Online exams can be just as effective and efficient as the regular format. There has been some debate. I praise the online assessment system. I find it easier, less stressful, and more accurate than memorising. While these exams weren't my favorite, I did enjoy them.   Remain calm, stay prepared, and do what you can. That's all anyone can expect of you online or off.   Related article from EuropeanBusinessReview:   Related Resources:  

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