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When starting and managing your own guild in Lost Ark


When starting and managing your own guild (clan) in The Raid on the Black Desert, the following information will be of great help to you:Guild (Clan) formation, management, and creation are all covered in detail. You should be familiar with two important topics: how to level up your guild (Clan) and how to gain more experience from your clan members. There is a straightforward discussion of the most important aspects of guild formation in the section that follows, as well as information on what to do when new members are welcomed into the guild. Detailed information is provided in this section on the process of reaching the level 1 membership cap of thirty people, which is required in order to begin constructing and researching everything that the game has to offer, as well as the advantages of accomplishing this goal.   The process of forming a guild in LOST ARK is straightforward and easy to navigate through.   After completing the tutorial, you will be able to travel to Prideholm's first city, where you will come face to face with your first non-player character (NPC). It is sufficient to simply exit the cathedral and speak with the first NPC you come into contact with after leaving the building to complete the quest. The option to create your own guild if you do not already have one will be presented to you once the installation process is complete. You will require 2000 silver to begin the process of creating your first character, on the other hand, if this is your first character and this is the first time you have played the game. The truth is that it isn't a big deal at all in this particular instance. You can obtain a mount by simply speaking with the first NPC that appears in your immediate vicinity after you have spoken with the first NPC mentioned above. This quest should result in the absence of any content from the Welcome challenge menu (which can be found at the top right of the screen, next to the minimap), after it has been successfully completed. Upon completing this quest, the two challenges you should have completed should be the end of the quest line. Your account will be instantly credited with 2000 silver after you have claimed your rewards. It couldn't be simpler! That's all there is to it, really.   The Community section of your screen can be found in the bottom right corner of your screen, and clicking on it will bring you to that section of your screen.   To access the Guild option in a pop-up window, press Alt + U while the window is open. The Guild option can be accessed by selecting it and then clicking on the Create tab.   Choose a name for your guild that accurately reflects your personal preferences. In the case of cross-server, it refers to the fact that it cannot be used on more than one server at the same time, as suggested by the feature's name.   Compile a succinct description of the guild to fill in the blanks on the application form, which will be displayed to applicants when they search for guilds on the internet. A very aggressive profanity filter is in place; in addition, the description field is extremely brief and limited in terms of both content and functionality, all of which contribute to a negative user experience. Make every effort you can to achieve your goals and objectives.   To get started, select the Create option from the drop-down menu at the top of the page, which will take you to the Create page. In a single sentence, you can sum up everything that has happened so far.   To be more specific, how SHOULD the management of guild members be handled within the Lost Ark operating system be addressed?   The Guildmates tab can be found in the drop-down menu at the top of the screen. Click on it to see a list of the profiles of your fellow guild members. After that, you can choose their name from the drop-down menu in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, and you'll be taken to their invitation page on the website. Anyone can look up your guild's name on the internet and apply to become a member by completing an online membership application.   By clicking on the Who is online button, you can also see who is currently online, what their Item level is, what class they belong to, and whether or not they have a stronghold (private island) on the server.   An orange n will be displayed next to the Nickname of anyone who has accepted guild tasks, been promoted, or participated in guild activities as a result of the orange N appearing next to their Nickname within the next three days.   You can view a character's profile by right-clicking on them; they can also be invited to a party or whispered to, among other things; and they can be summoned to a location by clicking on them again.   If you choose the Ban option, you will have the ability to remove a member from the group if the situation warrants it if the situation arises.   At any given time, each guild is only permitted to have one Guild Deputy and one Guild Officer position available for application, with the exception of the Guild Officer position. I'm curious as to what their legal rights are in this specific situation.   Additionally, the Guild Deputy is responsible for the following responsibilities in addition to accepting or rejecting member applications:Guild activities include teaching guild skills in GvG and E, assigning weekly guild quests, and expelling members from the guild, to name a few examples. Choosing GvG and GvE as the Guild's combat styles   Accept or reject member applications; use guild skills in GvG and GvE; accept or reject member applicationsaccept or reject member applications; accept or reject member applications; accept or reject member applications; accept or reject member applications; accept or reject member applications; accept or reject member applications; accept or reject member applications; accept or reject member applications; accept or reject member applications; accept or reject member applications; accept or reject member applications; accept or reject member applications   When playing Lost Ark, you have the option of moving your guild to another location.   First and foremost, if you want to attract more members to your guild, Lost Ark gold shop must climb the ranks of the guild's hierarchical structure. The number of available positions increases by two with each successive level, resulting in a total of eight positions available at the conclusion of each level. Along with these benefits, as shown in the image below, you will also receive some advantages such as additional weekly tasks, a guild shop in addition to other buildings, and research, among other things. During the early stages of the game's development, especially if your guild is just getting started and trying to recruit new members, the quests or tasks that your guild completes on a weekly basis are the most important aspect of your guild's leveling process.   The following are the responsibilities that must be fulfilled on a weekly basis:   The successful completion of your weekly tasks is contingent upon a number of important conditions and rules being observed. Although these conditions appear to have no obvious signs or symptoms, they do manifest themselves over time.   On a weekly basis, a task reset is carried out on the computer system. When a reward has been earned during that time period and it has not yet been transferred to the guild's account, it will be transferred to the guild's account.   During the first three days after joining the organization, new members are unable to complete the tasks that have been assigned to them.   The first level of a task must be completed before cheap Lost Ark Gold can move on to the second level, which will be completed on the Monday following the completion of the second level. If you finish the game in the example above, you will not be able to proceed to the next level until the game has been completed completely. Try logging in with 20 points at the end of the session.   Whatever the case, regardless of whether or not they can see the Accept button for weekly tasks, they have no authority to set weekly tasks for the entire guild. In this particular situation, there is absolutely nothing to be concerned about.   At the start of the game, you can only select one task at a time from the list of options that are presented to you on the screen. On the basis of the information you've gathered, make your decision. After you have allowed the effect of the reset to take effect, Lost Ark gold shop can choose a different option in order to correct your mistake. It is generally recommended that you begin by selecting a task from the trade skills section of the task list, due to the relatively simple nature of trade skills tasks.   If you have a question such as "Why can't I get the seeds from the trees on the Try Logging quest?" or "Why can't I get the seeds from the trees on the Try Logging quest?"We have the answers Lost Ark gold shop're looking for. In these and other similar situations, it is likely that guild leaders will be approached for answers to the questions they are asked. As an alternative, you could ask yourself, "Which quests should cheap Lost Ark Gold accept each week if they are offered to me?"Alternatively, how do Lost Ark gold go about getting my projects up and running and finishing them?   If you are at least level 50 and have traveled to the city of Vern, you will be able to complete the weekly quests. It is highly recommended that you pay a visit to the city of Vern if you have not already done so. The fourth island/continent that will visit on your journey to complete the game will be encountered while you are attempting to complete the game's objectives. It is necessary for you to interact with a variety of NPCs and complete the story quests that are presented to you in order to progress further in the game and gain more experience points. Una's tasks (completed by pressing alt + J) are daily quests that you must complete before accepting guild quests or participating in their completion. You will not be able to accept guild quests until after you have completed Una's tasks. The completion of Una's tasks will be required before you can accept guild quests or participate in the completion of guild quests you have accepted. As soon as agree to Una's demands, the quest will appear in the quest window and in your journal as if it were a normal quest. You can complete the quest at any time.

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