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Uphill Rush 9


About   Uphill Rush 9 is a fun children's game in which you can ride unicorns and horses through new Wild West stages.   You'll have a stable full of mounts at your disposal in the ninth installment of the iconic game series, as well as other legendary Uphill Rush vehicles including cars and a surfboard.   Collect all of the gold coins by riding or driving them through 20 fun levels. Explore the Wild West, with its farms and gold rush settlements, and complete the game as quickly as possible!   Controls   The gameplay is clear and uncomplicated. Use the up arrow to accelerate, the left arrow to lean back, the right arrow to lean forward, and the down arrow to reverse, as in the rest of the series. You may also use the space bar to perform unique stunt leaps and jumps that, with some practice, could land you in the racing hall of fame.   Simply hit x to activate turbo mode. Press p to pause. Press m to display a map of your current location. Play Uphill Rush 9 right now at the website:   Objective   You start with six races and can unlock another five if you win, rather than the four that were available in the prior game. You can ride a skateboard, a monster truck, a quad, or a motorcycle, among other vehicles.   There are two cup challenges in each portion of the game, as well as special hidden cups that can be unlocked when you defeat the open ones.   This game's gameplay, graphics, and additional choices are fantastic, and it easily earns a 5-star rating!

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