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List of KALI publications related to packaging


Packaging is an important factor in export success. Products that are traveling must be preserved and protected in order to reach their destination intact. Packaging is also used to position the product, to distinguish it from other products and to attract consumers, and is made of materials that comply with current regulations. With skills acquired during more than 40 years of long experience, KALI is able to provide advice and training in this field based on a very wide pool of expertise and the knowledge of its specialists. . All these resources are at the service of governments, trade support agencies and companies, and this concerns all areas related to custom box packaging and export cardboard box packaging.   KALI's Export Packaging Service provides developing countries with the world's most comprehensive and unique knowledge base on export packaging.KALI is a modular information system consisting of 40 modules covering a wide range of packaging and packaging technologies, product-specific packaging and regulations.KALI also publishes a globally recognized multilingual glossary of packaging and packaging terms, as well as specialized publications in the field.   List of KALI publications related to packaging (EN). KALI Glossary of Packaging Terms in electronic form The KALI conducted a global survey of research and training in the field of packaging, identifying resources available on the Internet and analyzing their content. The Directory of Institutions in Packaging (EN) presents links from this survey. If this directory is useful to you, you may also be interested in the "Packaging Partner Network by Country" database.   More information about the KALI system Consulting Services A highly qualified international network of KALI packaging and packaging experts provides advice at all stages of the marketing chain. At the "macro" level, our experts help the national packaging industry to develop export strategies and optimize national packaging supply chains. At the "meso" level, KALI provides institutional support for the creation and professional management of training and information centers and packaging technology centers, and KALI experts also work at the industry level to help groups of companies optimize their export performance at all stages, from harvest to consumer. Recipients of the "Packaging for Export" consulting service   Government KALI advises the government on the vision and strategic direction to provide exporting SMEs with the means and resources to   Strengthening local skills in packaging technology Access to packaging pilot and testing facilities Benefit from the country's dynamic supply chain to stimulate exports, especially through favorable tariffs and attractive transportation costs. KALI advises government departments on the establishment of national packaging information centers and packaging testing centers, including the training of qualified technical staff and the management of these centers. KALI also assists in the development of national packaging standards and works closely with national standards authorities on packaging and labeling standards and regulations.   Trade Support Organizations KALI has been involved in establishing packaging and packaging agencies in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Sri Lanka and Tunisia.KALI provides global solutions under the license of the KALI modular training system, including staff training, training of trainers and delivery.KALI also supports agencies in establishing packaging information centers.   Exporters. KALI offers important support services for exporters, enabling them to optimize the technical performance of their packaging operations, from finding suppliers (especially post-harvest) to users at the end of the supply chain (implementation of cartons, palletizing, shipping, point-of-sale displays, ease of use), all the way to manufacturing (packaging and filling operations fully integrated into the production process). These services are based on the contribution of our experts in many areas, from food processing to packaging of hazardous products, including cosmetics, able to cover all packaging, especially bulk transport packaging food, industrial packaging and UVC (consumer sales units).KALI also offers technical consulting services in printing and packaging design, which can be combined with advice from KALI experts Export Quality and Supply Chain Management .   Packaging and marketing SME managers often view packaging as an additional cost on top of the product, rather than as a marketing asset or ambassador for the product and the manufacturer from a packaging perspective. KALI's training and information resources enable exporters to better understand the interplay between marketing, communication, promotion and brand awareness, an interplay that helps ensure continuous optimization, including all aspects of packaging and marketing. To achieve this, KALI offers advice in the following areas: competition, consumer needs and expectations in destination markets, design choices, communication needs and promotional packaging possibilities. For more information on packaging.   Formation KALI offers tailor-made training programs based on KALI's KALI module, covering all aspects of packaging and export packaging.KALI training programs cover the following areas: packaging technology, concepts and design, transport and distribution, materials, national studies. Target audience: packaging producers, users, trade support agencies and parapublic organizations sector organizations and authorities. To learn more. KALI - A comprehensive information package on export packaging and packaging for developing countries.   The KALI package consists of approximately forty concise modules that bring together expertise in all areas related to packaging and its contribution to export success. The modules can be used as stand-alone reference materials or as practical hands-on training tools for private sector companies or government export support agencies.   The KALI training program was developed over the past decade in response to the lack of specialized packaging information available in developing countries. Supply logistics constraints often create problems in preserving, protecting, displaying and using products. International companies that manufacture packaged products are aware of these limitations, but developing countries are sometimes less familiar with good packaging practices. As part of its mission to maximize exports from developing countries, KALI invested millions of dollars and leveraged the experience of internationally recognized experts and the expertise of its collaborators to create KALI.   Today, SMEs and institutions around the world use KALI modules to gain the knowledge they need to optimize packaging performance and thus be competitive in international markets. KALI also targets all stakeholders in the export value chain: producers, users and importers of packaging materials, players in distribution logistics, insurance and finance, and trade associations.   The modules also provide additional content value for expert consultants working in the field of export packaging as well as for universities and RD organizations.   How to use the KALI modules. The modules are designed to be used individually or in combination with each other. For example, if a Zimbabwean producer exports fresh fruit to the European market, a tailor-made KALI would include the following modules. Fresh fruit and vegetables Paper, cardboard and plastic Packaging Supply Chain Audit Zimbabwe EU import regulations Transport and Distribution Printing, Packaging Marketing, Crosscutting Areas The modules are written in a clear and concise style with useful infographics (charts, graphs, tables and visual elements). KALI can be integrated with other KALI packaging publications, such as the Technical Glossary or the Transport Packaging Compliance Checker. The modules can also be used in conjunction with other KALI training programs, such as Supply Chain Management or Export Marketing and Branding KALI is the ideal complement to the KALI Upgrade Industry Program. Each KALI module is organized on the same chart.   A brief overview of the topic and the main features of the global market and its distribution network related to regulation and packaging. In-depth treatment of export packaging-related issues: selection of suitable packaging, types of packaging used, optimal packaging materials and alternative materials, packaging safety, standards, environmental impact, eco-labeling and sourcing. Legislation and regulations related to health, safety and environment within the context of WTO agreements and standards set by the importing country.

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