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Tiles were recovered according to previously tested algorithms


In fact, most craftsmen use ordinary gypsum (putty). I've tried to use gypsum for wood, gypsum for concrete and gypsum board. I prefer the latter in my work because it is plastic and easy to use. However, I went to the "handmade" store: I asked for a small spatula and a self-adhesive template with noble Royal lilies, 10x10cm, only the size of ceramic tiles.   This time, the restoration of ceramic tiles was arranged in the toilet. From the moment the house was built, there was a blue tile in the corner with three-dimensional lines. The main feature was not the toilet, but the sewer riser, painted blue. The paint on it has been peeled well and rusted in some places.   Tiles were recovered according to previously tested algorithms: Degrease with alcohol cleaner; "Shuffle" with fine sandpaper; Scattered joints; Application of alkyd primer "otech".   Then I decided to try instead of paper cutting 3D decoration. Handmade shops provide structural pastes to create 3D patterns. Not cheap.   Plaster a thin layer on the formwork, just like the icing on the cake, and smooth it with a spatula. The formwork with adhesive layer will not slide anywhere (by the way, from Ukrainian manufacturers and there are more than a dozen pattern variants). Next, carefully lift the formwork and let the plaster dry   We had a hot day at work. The drying process shall not last more than one hour at + 30 ° C. We made a "belt" on the upper rows of tiles with plastering patterns. And scattered lilies.   After the plaster dried, I combed the edges of the bristles with fine sandpaper and flattened them so that they wouldn't get hurt. Then painting and painting. The operation is simple and does not require too much experience and skills. The kitchen uses Beige water-based paint and protects it with acrylic varnish.   To be honest, working in the toilet is inconvenient: you have to kneel down and sit in the toilet. Very tight. Hesitating between kitchen decoration and toilet decoration, I will definitely choose the kitchen. The hardest thing is the pipe. I've never dealt with such a strange thing before, and I don't know what I deserve. But you must try: it will never get worse!   So, trumpet. First, we wipe the old paint off with coarse sandpaper. It's about to peel off. Take turns working with the hostess. Can't go to the bathroom together!   Then I sometimes plaster the structural pattern and sand it. I decided to paint the pipe with acrylic enamel (a special enamel produced by Ukrainian manufacturers for painted surfaces). Yes, you don't dream. You don't need to remove old paint or varnish, just paint! Acrylic enamel has no peculiar smell, but the coverage is very high. That is, it is flat and almost no paint is used.   I decided to keep my old pipe old and broken. So I painted it coffee and milk, then tortoise shell varnish, and then Beige acrylic enamel on it. Another great feature is its cracking ability. I will tell you that not every water-soluble coating is suitable for this effect. The cracks here develop very fast, even so obvious. Typical turtle! The broken old pipe becomes the broken old pipe again, but at the same time, it is as gentle and delicate as possible for the sewer riser.   Am I satisfied with the result? 50 x 50。 The three-dimensional pattern on the tile looks perfect, and the trumpet is not conspicuous... That's why I'm open to new ideas and occasionally prepare to decorate the trumpet in new ways. You just need to figure out how. Maybe a suggestion?   Conclusion: you can draw old tiles. But paint doesn't like hot water. It can last only by using a very high-quality special primer.   Material cost: Alkyd primer - about uah 400; Acrylic enamel - about 100 uah; Water soluble coating - about 100 uah. Gypsum - about 30 hryvna.   A friend updated her bathroom in the same way. She complained that within a year, the paint on the place where the pipe was laid began to peel off. Instead, the paper-cut tiles in the kitchen have been painted in perfect condition for four years.

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